European carriers claim Nokia phones “not good enough” to compete with iOS/Android

Nokia may be going up to the batter’s box swinging with their latest series of Lumia phones, and while the Lumia 900 may be seeing high sales numbers (with an estimated 2 million units sold), Nokia apparently has yet to convince European carriers that Nokia’s new Windows Phones are going to be a hit.

Reuters today reports that, after inquiring with four major European carriers who are carrying the various Lumia devices, all four carriers believed that the phoens are “not good enough” to compete with Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s various Galaxy phones, going so far as to say that the innovative phones are “overpriced” and that nobody goes into shops specifically asking to see Windows Phone devices.

One mobile executive went on to say that “If the Lumia with the same hardware came with Android in it and not Windows” the phone would be “much easier to sell.” As of yet, no Windows Phone manufacturer has seen the sort of success with devices on the Windows Phone platform as they have with Android devices. Windows Phone 7 is considered the third most widely used mobile platform, trailing Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Source: Reuters

  • Chris

    Apple’s iTunes helps sell the iPhone, Google Play Store gives you most everything for free…. Microsoft NEEDS to push their app market! Without a large base to work from, Windows mobile will always trail behind…