SkyDrive for Windows application supposedly launching with new storage plans (Update: it’s live!)

Tom Warren at The Verge reported today that Microsoft is prepping to launch a native SkyDrive application for Windows very soon. Supposedly, the application will enable file syncing in Windows similar to how Dropbox currently operates.

While this may seem at first to be a sort of “me-too” service, one awesome feature of SkyDrive is the amount of storage Microsoft is willing to give you for free – a whopping 25GB to play with. However, that much storage space for free might by too good to continue being true, as the story also reports that the 25GB will be dropping to 7GB when the application starts for all new users, though previous users will be grandfathered in. So if you want all that extra space, be sure to sign up today.

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, The Verge is also reporting that new storage plans will be introduced for those willing to pony up the cash that can tack on an extra 20GB ($10 a year), 50GB ($20 a year), or 100GB ($50 a year).

Update: All these fancy changes? Yeah, they’re live. Microsoft just launched the availability of everything you see here and more – check it out here!

Source: The Verge