The ultra-high definition TV comes to the marketplace

4K TVs go mainstream at CES 2013

Nobody can say that there’s anything wrong with a nice 1080p television, but we live in a very different time than we did years ago when 1080p was new and exciting. Today, we live in a world where a 9″ tablet has 51% more pixels than your average 42″ TV. It’s a good thing that television manufacturers are kicking things up to high gear at CES 2013 this week with the next big thing in TVs – “4K ultra-high resolution” sets.

Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, and most of the other guys have all been busy showing off 4k TVs today, and mainly are slated to be released this year. These 4K televisions should have a very noticeable improvement in picture detail and quality over the 1080p televisions of today, though as LG demonstrated it won’t come cheap – their 55″ LG OLED 4k TV, which is slated for release this March, will cost a whopping $12,000.

Still, prices are bound to go down before too long, and early adopters should be pretty used to having to pay through the nose for the latest and greatest tech at this point. The question is whether or not manufacturers can convince consumers that paying the extra for 4K TV is really worth it over the already often dazzling picture that 1080p can produce.