Jailbreak your Surface with a single click

Straightforward Windows RT jailbreak tool now available

As we reported just the other day, Microsoft’s Surface tablet – running Windows RT, a locked down version of Windows 8 for ARM devices – and all other Windows RT devices have been jailbroken, allowing users to execute unauthorized code just like any other Windows device (as long as it’s compiled for the device’s ARM processor, of course). The process was insanely complicated and far beyond the realm of knowledge for most consumers, which is why it’s all the more exciting that a jailbreak tool has just been released that allows users to take advantage of the just discovered exploit with just a single click of a .bat file.

Microsoft has already announced that they may closing the exploit in future versions of Windows RT, so definitely make sure you take advantage of this while you can. Until now, hit up the just released Windows RT jailbreak tool at the source link below.

Source: netham45 (XDA-Developers)

  • I think you’re assuming Microsoft are going to patch this more quickly than they are. As Microsoft have said themselves – there is no way the exploit in question can be used as a security flaw. It’s not a priority for them in the slightest and there’s no penalty for leaving the bug open. They no doubt simply issued the disclaimer simply because another patch in the future may remove or change the flaw, and that the jailbreak relies on undocumented behaviour that they won’t be supporting.