A $99 gaming console is coming your way

Ouya begins shipping, meta-look at hands on previews

OUYA-3It’s no secret that I’m personally a bit burnt out by AAA-level game developers that deliver beautiful graphics but fail to deliver any sort of meaningful game play – that’s why I continue to be so excited about the Ouya, a $99 Tegra 3 powered console by a new, Kickstarter-funded company of the same name that hopes to go head to head with the big leagers by embracing not the sort of mega-funded games we’re so used to today, but rather with quality “indie” titles and – shock and awe – games that are actually fun.

Both The Verge and Engadget got to have special hands-on sessions with the finalized Ouya console recently, and has posted videos detailing their experiences. Both sites appear to be fairly impressed with the quality of the console – its build is very solid and sturdy, yet tiny, giving off the impression of a premium product worth well beyond its asking price. The bundled Bluetooth controller feels “as good as” the XBox 360’s controllers, though The Verge did have issue with its trigger button saying that they feel somewhat “cheap”, however on the whole it doesn’t appear to be a deal breaker by any means.


The console’s software, which utilizes Android’s kernel and some of its subsystems (however it is important to note that the Ouya’s software can not natively run much of the default Android OS’s software), is beautiful and meticulous, but as spartan as it gets. There are just four primary functions on the home screen – Play, Discover, Make, and Manage. There’s just not a whole lot going on there at the moment.

The Ouya has begun shipping to Kickstarter backers this week, and will be available to the general public on June 4th at Amazon.com, GameStop, and Target. So let us know in the comments, fans of gaming – will you be jumping aboard the Ouya train and purchasing one?

Source: The Verge / Engadget