Is an inexpensive Windows Phone worth it?

Video: Lumia 521 Review

Our secondary writer gets a Nokia Lumia 521 and attempts to review it the moment he gets it out of the
box. What does he think of it, and would he recommend it? Everything is explained in the above video.


  • Adding to things I don’t like about the 521, I do not like how you have to have fingernails to pull the back case off.
  • I played the wrong game in the game test portion – Galaga was fine, but when I tried playing Fruit Ninja there was a noticeable performance drop. It was not enough to prevent playing of Fruit Ninja, however.
  • The phone is actually capable of running on AT&T as it supports their bands. The 521 must be SIM unlocked, which T-Mobile will do.

And yes, I really did run through the whole review unscripted. Hopefully it’s not too bad.