Patience, they say, is a virtue

Jim Dalrymple confirms: no iPhone 5S at WWDC


It’s time to put away our lofty dreams and hopes and be realistic: many a rumor had implied that WWDC ’13 would be the home of the iPhone 5S unveiling, just like how Apple announced the iPhone 3G/3GS/4, but it is not meant to be – after deliberation from within Apple, Jim Dalrymple, who is essentially the premiere Apple blogger, has “confirmed” that we will not be seeing the iPhone 5S at WWDC this year. Instead, the iPhone 5S will see a separate developer event at some point after WWDC – though Jim doesn’t explicitly give any dates, we’d say that an August/September launch is in line with expectations. Apple had previously used this timeframe for all iPod launches back when the iPod was the big name around the block. This lines up with what we figured months ago now.

Instead, what we’re looking at is a possible launch for an updated Mac product/products. The Mac Pro seems like a logical fit here – Tim Cook had previously confirmed that the Mac Pro will be seeing an update at some point in 2013, and this is a developer event – and the Mac Pro is a developer’s machine of choice.

Jim also confirms that we will be getting a good look at both iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 at WWDC, which everybody has known for some time anyways. iOS 7 will be the big player, according to Jim, with a redesign to the operating system of the likes not seen since iOS’s inception, though he’s adamant that iOS 7 will be more of an evolution in design rather than a revolution. We’ll see lots of new, but it’ll function just as it always has. No word if OS X 10.9 will see any of these massive design changes, however.

Source: The Loop