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What to realistically expect at WWDC 2013 next Monday, June 10th

wwdc_2013WWDC 2013 is Apple’s first major opportunity to build up the real excitement and fervor in the Apple community that has been missing for months now, and as such, expectations are at an all time high. Will Apple release a new iPhone? (No, probably not.) Will we see a totally redesigned iOS 7? Is Apple finally ready to launch that long awaited Apple television set?

As today is our final day of posting prior to Monday’s event, we decided the time was right to bring back our “What to realistically expect…” series of posts which we use to temper expectations concerning upcoming Apple events. (We also currently hold a 100% accuracy rate, for people concerned about that sort of thing.)

Click after the break to get to the juicy stuff – our reasonable expectations.

1) The easy one – a majorly updated and redesigned iOS, dubbed iOS 7.

This one’s a given – the show stealer for this year’s WWDC event will be iOS 7, which will see a major, significant redesign for the first time since iOS’s inception in 2007. Designed under the carefully watching eyes of Jonathan “Jony” Ive, who has also designed most of Apple’s hardware in recent years, iOS 7 will visually be a complete departure from the iOS of yore replacing the gaudy skeuomorphic designs of yore (Notes, anyone?) with what has been described as a simple, flat, unified design.

On the feature front, we’re expecting somewhat less of an upgrade, but we’ll still see some significant additions. There’s little we know for sure, but we’re confident that iOS 7 will at the very least see an overhauled notifications system.

2) The introduction of OS X 10.9, finally

It’s a little late, but it’s coming – Apple will finally be introducing the long awaited update to their Mac operating system, OS X. We know surprisingly little about this one – we don’t know if we should expect any significant redesign, or what potential new features to realistically expect.

A recent report did indicate that OS X 10.9 will be seeing a newly redesigned tabbed Finder, multi-window improvements that will allow more than one app to run full screen at a time, and Mission Control enhancements, while an even earlier report pegged OS X 10.9 to receive a dedicated Apple Maps app and Siri. Still, all we know for sure is that OS X 10.9 is coming – we just don’t really know what it is.

3) New MacBook hardware

Here’s where things get a little less certain. While we’re confident that Apple will indeed be pushing through some new MacBook hardware, we’re really not exactly sure what that update will consist of. The MacBook Pro with Retina Display seems a likely candidate for an update, with a recent report indicating that the 13″ Retina MacBook Pro in particular would be seeing a new, slimmer design – but we’d also likely put money (note: we do not condone gambling) on some sort of new MacBook Air update.

If the MacBook Air were to be updated, we could imagine that we’ll be seeing a new Haswell based processor taking advantage of Haswell’s greatly enhanced integrated graphics capability – but not really much else. We don’t expect a Retina display MacBook Air just yet. It’s probably coming, but the price/performance ratio just doesn’t add up quite yet. So if you’ve been waiting on that, well… don’t.

4) It’s a stretch, but we’re calling it – iRadio.

It’s no secret that Apple’s been working on a Spotify/Pandora competitor as of late, and we’ve heard whispers that Apple is incredibly eager to get the deals done with the music labels to have iRadio ready for a WWDC announcement – and we believe Apple may just pull the trigger and go for it. While the iTunes Store remains the premiere place to purchase music online, the tides have been quickly turning away from purchasing music to streaming music, and Apple’s certainly been lagging behind in that department.

No more – Apple will be integrating iRadio directly into iTunes on OS X (and potentially iOS 7) in an effort to grab some of that marketshare away from the likes of Pandora and Spotify. Apple’s really been pushing to get all the publishers on board, and we believe iRadio is a realistic expectation to have going into WWDC.


Really, that’s all we’ve got. There’s surprisingly little we know about WWDC ’13 going into Monday’s keynote. Maybe we’ll hear more for certain this weekend, and if there’s any breaking news we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as possible. However considering the secrecy surrounding Apple in recent months, WWDC is sure to be a big, big day for any Apple hopeful – as long as you keep your expectations in check.

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    I’m TOTALY going to stream WWDC this year!