It's about time

Apple finally updates the Mac Pro

newmacproThe Mac Pro hasn’t been updated since 2010 and it was showing its age until WWDC today. What you see above is the back of the new Mac Pro.

The new Mac Pro has been vastly redesigned from the old Mac Pro – which has used the same styling since the G5 tower – in fact, it’s no longer a rectangle, but instead a cylinder. You read that right, the new Mac Pro is a cylinder. It’s a very unusual design however it does make for a much smaller form factor.

The new Mac Pro comes with a 12-core, 256-bit Intel Xeon processor and does away with mechanical hard drives altogether. The new Mac Pro will also ship with two AMD FirePro GPUs that can drive a 4k display. It also features four USB ports and six Thunderbolt 2 ports.

Pricing was not announced at this time.

Image credit: Patrick Monroe (patster21 on Twitter)