Promoting the XBox One on sacred grounds

Microsoft employees reportedly ambushing Nintendo’s Best Buy E3 experience events (Updated with video!)


Here’s a funny one for lunch time – Microsoft has reportedly been sending in Microsoft employees into Nintendo’s Best Buy E3 experience events, which have been set up in Best Buys across the country to allow consumers to play some of the new Nintendo games that have been announced at E3 this year, in an effort to bash the Wii U and to promote the company’s upcoming XBox One. The XBox One has certainly fallen out of favor with hardcore gamers, driving many to flock to the Nintendo Wii U as an alternative.

Numerous reports (along with some damning photos) have come out from those claiming to have withnessed these so called “ambushes” by Microsoft employees themselves. The Microsofties were reportedly asking customers why they were bothering with the Nintendo Wii U when the XBox One was “right around the corner”.

The company is obviously in full tilt damage control after public opinion has left the XBox One’s side following a series of boneheaded business decisions, and this sort of guerrilla marketing isn’t uncommon for companies in Microsoft’s current position. Still, it just leaves sort of a bad taste of desperation in the mouth – and it’s a sad sign of how the mighty have fallen.

Via: GoNintendo
Source: Neogaf

Update 06/16/13 @ 7:25 PM EST: Believe it or not, this story just got all the more ridiculous in the form of a video. YouTube user “Shiggy Diggy” just posted an actual video of this man seen in the photo above harassing players waiting in line to try out the Nintendo Wii U, Microsoft collared shirt and all. This should confirm this week’s news to those who were doubtful. Check out the embedded video after the break below.

  • Sean Ellis

    I once did something similar at my local Best Buy. The store manager came over to me and told me to knock it off.

    There’s nothing Microsoft can do to save the One anyway.

  • J_Joestar

    wow, that’s pretty sad of them.

  • I’d be annoyed with a company doing that while I’m trying to play a game.

  • HoboJoe0858

    You’re dead to me Xbox. PS4/Wii U, here I come!

    • All I know is that I now have absolutely zero regret buying my Wii U, especially after Nintendo’s E3 showing. Some incredible stuff coming up in the gaming industry, as long as you look past Microsoft.

      • KubikiriTurkojin

        nintendo has been shit ever since they went ultra 64. the last good nitendo system was the snes. how is e3 incredible if what they are releasing isthe same games in a higher res.

        • Nelson Mendez

          If you don’t like it. don’t buy it. But your not going to sway the rest of us.

  • smashbrolink

    Hahahahaha, wooooowwww……that’s just PATHETIC…..I guess Microsoft is really feeling threatened by Nintendo’s first-party power, if they’re so unsure of their third parties on their own system that they’d do this.

  • Testsubject909

    This is not damage control.

    This is just sad.

    • Ferrick

      this is not damage control

      this is oiling the flames

      • Pudgy

        This is not oiling the the flames

        This is letting a phoenix loose in the forest

        • Jesse Tronier

          This is not letting a phoenix loose,

          This is like the story on how the game fallout happened.

          • John Jacob Jingleheimer Shmidt

            This is not the story of fallout

            This is the story of how Microsoft is sending employees to events held by Nintendo at Best Buys across the United States, posted by Brian Hough.

          • sammm

            this is madness?

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          • sammm

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          • snuggles

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            It’s a gang bang C’:

            Don’t be scared be prepared.

          • n0vacancy

            This isn’t time to be prepared

            This is the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

          • Pikku

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            This is a story, all about how my life got flipped: turned upside down…

          • Jana

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          • James Hetfield

            Is this the Krusty Krab?

          • King Patrick Klein

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          • Patrick

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          • ;slslsl

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          • Verified_Verifier

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          • Also Pikku

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          • That’s not really pikku

            That’s not a deathwish

            this is just sad

          • Steven C. DePater

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            This is stupid

          • tom the dragon

            I don’t have a witty retort.

          • This isn’t a witty retort

            no.. look – it really isn’t

          • Daniel Monti

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          • Kimani Wallace David

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        • XGAm3RX

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          • stori11

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          • MusicGamer

            Welcome to the world of the comments section, folks.

          • AlwaysRight

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          • Sincostanlogin

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          • tempdoom

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          • AScreamingBum

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          • RedLeader024

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          • Thomas Kim

            This is not the greatest comment chain ever.

            This is “Greatest Comment Chain Evar”, a documentary by Test Subject 909.

          • Nyuu

            No, this is Microsoft employees reportedly ambushing Nintendo’s Best Buy E3 experience events.

          • Sean Ellis


    • Kike Chavez

      No, this is Patrick

      • Lemon Scoot

        This is not Patrick

        This is a sandwich

    • Ben

      This isn’t a C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker.

      It’s a FATALITY.

  • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

    Man, Micro$oft is crazy. I’d like to see Xbot’s damage control this.

  • yeaaa

    Xbox one has better exclusive games fuck ps4. All the shit you ps4 fantards have to say about the xbox one has nothing to do with gaming. Plus you all believe whatever you see on the internet

  • Kefkiroth

    I’d they actually let people play with the Xbox One in Best Buys to somehow miraculously build hype. Directly bashing a console without your own to show off is quite sad.

  • Matthew Kenealy

    If you want me to take your article seriously at least fix up your grammar. “XBox One” is spelt “Xbox One.” “Microsoft employes,” seriously don’t you have spell check on? It is clearly “employees.” Your first sentence is too long, it probably could be that long if you used these “;” instead of these “,” Last but no least “and it’s a sad sign of how the mighty have fallen.” the shortening of it is is not “it’s” as that is the ownership of an item, instead what you meant to say is “its”

    So in other words your article is a poorly spelt and grammatically incorrect attack on the Xbox One and Microsoft. Maybe you work for Nintendo, none of us would even know. Please run your articles through Word and get another person to read them. It would stop me having to make this comment altogether.

    • Pikku

      If you cared to notice, these fine folks didn’t write it.

      It says, quite plainly, “Via GoNintendo.”

      If you’re gonna bash someone on their article, Do it properly.

      and, by the way, It’s also works as the contraction for it is. Silly english.

      • Matthew Kenealy

        I did, and if you notice their article is a lot shorted and to the point. He added lib in this and didn’t even use correct formatting unlike the article he posted. And a Forum like NeoGaf needs to stop being used as a source.

    • Holy moly. I word normally say thanks for catching some grammatical mistakes and fix the article, but…

      1) XBox is perfectly sufficient as brand styling doesn’t constitute a grammatical error.

      2) I spelt it “employees” throughout the entirety of the article

      3) That would be an incorrect use of the semicolon.

      4) “It’s” is a contraction for “it is” or “it has”, you’re confusing its vs. it’s. Please see:

      Thanks for trying, though!

      • Matthew Kenealy

        Are you kidding me?

        1. XBox is not the official way that it is branded, if you want this article to be seen as Official use the correct branding.

        2. You changed the first on which used to have Microsoft employe after I made the comment.

        3. Your first sentence is too long. Check it please.

        4) Do you really want to test me on English for this one? This is your final sentence: “Still, it just leaves sort of a bad taste of desperation in the mouth – and it’s a sad sign of how the mighty have fallen.

        • NurbyDurbyDurr

          1.) Xbox, XBOX, XBox, Xbone, who cares? The point that’s being made isn’t changed by capitalizing. I

          2.) That’s a stupid thing to nitpick. Have you nothing better to do?

          3.) Checked it independently, and it is acceptable without the semicolon.

          • Matthew Kenealy

            I just hate how many people post articles like these to gain views due to the topic’s popularity and don’t even put in the effort to spell check it or correctly identify the terminology like the Xbox One.

          • Guest

            Your life must be pretty sad to criticize some silly grammar mistakes huh? you must be a microfail die hard fan for sure.

          • Matthew Kenealy

            Actually I don’t like any of the consoles currently. None of them are appealing to me.

            Wii U: Full of Sequels.

            PS4: Few First Party Games

            Xbox One: Needs to Connect to the internet every 24 hours.

            So I am not a Microsoft fan, just someone who likes quality over quantity.

          • jimmini


          • Jarred O’Dell

            Wii U: fun sequels to fun games. I like fun, and apparently you have an aversion to it. I do not envy that affliction.

            PS4: Those first party games are going to be really fun, and there are other exclusives that will also be good.

            Xbox One: Yeah, I agree with you on that one.

            Also, your PS4 statement defeats your own argument for “quality over quantity”.

          • Matthew Kenealy

            Wii U: I never said they weren’t fun and of the three consoles this is the one I am most likely to buy, but it would be good to see some fresh games come from Nintendo rather than HD upgrades. And they were very open in their criticism of other game developers being stale and only developing sequels. They said that they would make more original games content, but honestly I haven’t seen any since.

            PS4: This one is probably more an opinion-driven argument by you, as I don’t really find their games that appealing and they have shown less than Xbox One or Wii U. The statement that PS4 has “quality over quantity” is only your opinion, I am not that interested in the games they showed or the exclusive content they promised. I mean why does this constitute for a point to make at E3″ “We have exclusive skins and maybe other stuff”

            Xbox: I do find this to be mostly DRM but I am glad that they will allow used games and you can share your game with up to 10 friends online with the one copy.

          • Jarred O’Dell

            Actually, the opinion-driven argument is your own. Your disinterest in a game does not mean that game is not of good quality. That just means it is not your style of game or not a game that you personally enjoyed.

          • Matthew Kenealy

            What I am saying is that if you look at it from a factual perspective Microsoft is currently winning with more exclusives.

          • deviljin

            I’ve heard Microsoft is reconsidering the always online thing any ways. May not be true by the time the system releases.

          • Matthew Kenealy

            My thoughts are that it will be like the 3D TV phase where all the companies made 3D TVs and tried to sell them as the next big thing. Within a year it had almost gone off the map, I suspect that Microsoft was pulling the old “Start with the worst and slowly make the policies better as time goes one” to see just how far the consumer is willing to go for their product.

            I think it is currently to locked into the framework of the Xbox One but in a year’s time after release we will see an improvement on it.

          • brett martin

            microsoft will require you to be online, u cant play a friends fucking games that they have bought, O YEA and u acnt fucking rent games. u also lose ALL YOUR GAMES if you are banned. this is a fucking joke. fuck the consoles its over. back to the pc

        • Jarred O’Dell

          1. You capitalized “official” unnecessarily.

          2. It’s “one” in this case, not “on”.

          3. The second sentence (and I hesitate to call it that) needs a comma to be technically correct.

          If you’re going to try to correct someone, at least be correct in doing so.

          • Matthew Kenealy

            Difference is mine are comments and his is an official article. People are get awfully defensive of the writer over a pretty harmless comment.

          • Maxim

            You myfriend, have issues. take a chill pill, and get rid of that ultra-nerdiness.

          • Matthew Kenealy

            Ultra-nerdiness? I was just trying to give him some pointers. And gaming is nerdy so I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with that.

          • Jarred O’Dell

            I’m not as much defending the writer as I am pointing out how much it makes someone look like a hypocrite when he/she starts harping on someone for using incorrect language while making worse mistakes in his/her own comments.

    • me

      Your grammar is worse. No such word as spelt. Dumbass. Correct yourself before trying to correct someone else.

      • a british person

        Actually, that’s only true for American English. In other forms (e.g. British English) spelt is an acceptable substitute for ‘spelled’.

        • Joseph Lamebrain

          Since when did the British know anything about English? [ducking and running]

      • a british person

        Not that I agree with the rest of his post, though.

    • Anonymous

      >The point
      >Your head

    • Tranceaholic

      Wrong – “it’s” IS the short form of “it is” because it’s a CONTRACTION. Contractions always use apostrophes. “Its” is implicitly a possessive pronoun, like “his” or “her”.

  • Mike

    I think Nintendo and Sony should combine forces to make an awesome console that will bring Microsoft down to nothing…

    • Lucas

      They won’t, unfortunately. but then again, they are already doing it by doing nothing… Microsoft is digging it’s own grave

    • Joseph Lamebrain

      They don’t need to. The Wii U sucks and Microsoft has guaranteed that there will be a mass exodus from them to Sony. Sony has already won the next gen hands down. The only question is whether Microsoft gaming and Ninentendo will go out of the console business before the next next gen.

      • Metal Man

        If you think Nintendo is dropping out of the console business any time soon, you’re extremely ignorant. They have enough money to operate at a loss long before the children you will never have die of old age.

        • Joseph Lamebrain

          LOL, I HAVE a Wii U BECAUSE of the children I HAVE. It is a child’s toy, not a serious console. Seen those Wii U sales figures recently? Not good.

          • Errorjack

            The sales of the Wii U is because of the soul fact that Nintendo wanted to give third party developers a chance. When you rely on idiots like you to help someone, then of course it’ll flop. Once the first party titles for Wii U come out, developers will also flock over.

    • joe schmoe

      I think you would be intrigued to learn the circumstances behind the origins of the Playstation.

  • BOB

    The XBox One has certainly fallen out of favor with hardcore gamers, driving many to flock to the Nintendo Wii U as an alternative. WHY DIDNT THEY SAY FLOCK TO SONY PLAYSTATION 4 INSTEAD

    • jimmini

      Because the PS4 isn’t out yet, and the article is about customers flocking to the Wii U instead, not the PS4. People need to stop dissing Nintendo. Its getting really annoying now.

      • Joseph Lamebrain

        Why? I’ve got a Wii U and it SUCKS. Sure, the kids love it. But for serious adult gamers? Why in the world would you buy one? And I hate to tell you, but no one is “flocking” to the Wii U. The tech in the Wii U (other than the controller) is completely current gen, not next gen. I’m just going to keep playing my 360 until my pre-ordered PS4 comes in.

        • Tim

          Personally I think the Next gen shouldn’t be determined by enhanced graphics or power. Nintendo is Innovative creating new ways to play games. I like Sony, but personally I think Nintendo has been leading the new Generations in innovation. Just getting more graphics and power is the easy way out, where as creating entirely new concepts and gaming concepts seems like a better way to create a new generation of gaming.

          • Tim

            And yeah Microsoft really has sunk low :/ Nintendo and Sony will completely dominate this next generation of gaming.

          • Joseph Lamebrain

            You call just now getting HD graphics leading the way? What good is a new way to play if it looks like 8 bits of crap? You can’t play a serious game on the Wii or the Wii U because the controls are so terrible. Sure, its adequate for 2d side scrolling, but that’s about it. I will never forget the horrible experience I had trying to play CoD 2 on the Wii or Zombie U. That console is absolutely worthless for FPS gmes.

          • Tranceaholic

            You sure chose a good user name because your comments are LAME.

  • jimmini

    Complete idiots. I’m eventually getting a Wii U no matter what. Won’t be touching the Xbox One.

  • RyuujinV

    … And here I thought Microsoft could sink no lower. I find this to be both extremely sad, yet fitting. When the Japan-based gaming giants (Sony and Nintendo) mess up, what do they do? Admit to their mistakes, apologize to the consumers, and work to learn from those mistakes and make better games/systems.

    On the other hand, we have Microsoft, the America-based giant, who have put ridiculous and straight-up stupid restrictions on their gaming consumer base, and then outright refuse to acknowledge that they messed up in any way, shape or form. At best, they basically tell anyone with criticisms or concerns to fuck off. (“If you’re concerned about backwards compatibility, you are backward.” and “We already have a system for people with bad or no internet – it’s called the Xbox 360.”) And then, rather than trying to put effort into making their product better or revising their ridiculous policies, they turn to on-sight mud-slinging and bashing the superior consoles and companies.

    This is, by far, the most pathetic scene of desperation I’ve witnessed within the gaming industry. At least when the PS3 failed as a console, Sony still retained their honor by refraining from these sorts of tactics, and showed humility by admitting they messed up. But apparently such concepts are beneath mighty Microsoft.

    If they honestly believe that these kinds of tactics will work, or that the Xbox One will sell in its current state, I believe they are so far up their own ass that they haven’t realized we won’t simply buy whatever they produce when given drastically better alternatives. Nor have they realized that they’re not infallible and are committing PR suicide over and over again. Goodbye Microsoft, you will not be missed.

    TL;DR – Microsoft done fucked themselves up again. Sony and Nintendo for the win.

    • bzzrrk

      In an ARS Technica article, Microsoft Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi cites the passionate gamer segment as being less relevant to their new platform adoption strategy (IMO),

      [While the Internet is decidedly up in arms about the way the Xbox One handles game ownership and online check-ins, Mehdi said it was “hard to say” what the larger reaction from the less attentive mainstream consumers would be. “I think it’s fair to say there’s a segment of consumers at this show in particular who really pay attention, who are very passionate about all aspects of gaming, and that we listen to closely. In a broader set of community, people don’t pay attention to a lot of the details. We’ve seen it in the research, we’ve seen it in a lot of the data points.”]

      …and the arrogant display of disloyalty pisses me off. fuck you in the neck microsoft

    • bzzrrk

      In an ARS Technica article, Microsoft Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi cites the passionate gamer segment as being less relevant to their new platform adoption strategy (IMO),

      [While the Internet is decidedly up in arms about the way the Xbox One handles game ownership and online check-ins, Mehdi said it was “hard to say” what the larger reaction from the less attentive mainstream consumers would be. “I think it’s fair to say there’s a segment of consumers at this show in particular who really pay attention, who are very passionate about all aspects of gaming, and that we listen to closely. In a broader set of community, people don’t pay attention to a lot of the details. We’ve seen it in the research, we’ve seen it in a lot of the data points.”]

      …They’re relying on broad consumer ignorance as their platform for success and the arrogant display of disloyalty pisses me off.

  • Gamer 323

    Someone give this guy some attention ! No one even noticed him I bet lol a waste of his time go home xbox one!!

  • Adam ‘Duffles’ Duffield


  • Siv

    This was so bad for a second there while reading I thought EA was the one doing the ambushes.

  • Don Mattrick

    Xbox Sucks

  • Creast

    Seems like Microsoft is doing what they have been doing too their OS’s now to their gaming consoles make a crappy one than a good at least they are constant with this among other things

  • XboxOneHater

    Microsoft didn’t just play with fire. The put oil on the matches.

  • Ehh

    You would think this news would be all over gaming sites if this were true. All we have are “numerous reports” and one picture of a guy in a Microsoft t-shirt. If there were more than one photo like this post says, where are they? Seems like someone was just trolling to me. I’ll wait to see if this goes global to take it nothing more than a rumor.

  • Yoshinator

    Well this is what happens when you make the worst console of all time. Not even a power button, seriously?

  • Hdcore gamer

    No hardcore gamer would turn to a wii U as a alternative stupid article poorly written without enough research

    • Matthew Kenealy

      Glad I’m not the only one that feels this way.

    • Joseph Lamebrain

      LOL. Looks like M$ is sending its employees out on the net as well. YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE BECAUSE YOU PISSED ON YOUR CUSTOMERS.

    • dahrkdaiz

      Hardcore gaming is defined by how you play your games, not what games you play. If you think you’re hardcore based on the style of the graphics you are sadly mistaken on who a gamer actually is. I’m a hardcore gamer and I don’t play most “mature” games. What makes me hardcore? Staying up until 2 am to beat my buddy’s highscore on Fruit Ninja. Inviting people over to play some Mario Kart or to load up some classic games on emulators for the PC, or spending a couple of hours to nail that perfect rocket jump in Quake Live so that I can gain an upperhand on the competition. THAT’S hardcore gaming.

    • Albert Lucero Jr

      Hardcore gamer?? I have been playing video games since 1987 and till this day Nintendo is my console of choice. I know get a Playstation as a second console for the the games I can’t get on a Nintendo console. I consider myself as you like to say (Hardcore) gamer so please enough with that Hardcore gamer BS.

      • Matthew Kenealy

        All companies do this though, the fact that he was wearing a Microsoft shirt actually makes it more unlikely to be real. As they wouldn’t go in like that, they would do it like they were just an average consumer. This is probably more likely to be a hardcore Microsoft fan.

  • ctguitarguy

    Nintendo games are timeless, microsoft is a company simply trying to sell gamers a steambhox,m where you never own your games. They want everything controlled through DLC and digital products. Nintendo on the other hand is pro consumer, releases DRM free physical retail products, and often much cheaper than the other guys. There customer service is also much much better than I got with M$. Please support the Wii U, not these corporate creeps.

    • Nomsheep

      Way too pro-consumer, they screw over the publishers and developers in the process which leads to a lack of games.

      And their DS DRM is among the worst around.

    • Matthew Kenealy

      You obviously don’t realize that the internet’s opinion is a minority not majority.

      • and you obviously don’t realize what’s going on in the real world… If you really think microsoft has a chance in this whole thing you should just go back to living in your box like you’ve been doing

        • Matthew Kenealy

          You should actually go into a store and see what is being pre-ordered more. The general public doesn’t care about PR or fancy presentations. The saw more games on the Xbox One and they saw Halo, you will never stop the loyalty of fans to their original product. No even with all that has gone on. Sorry to burst your twitter bubble.

          • i can down-vote too ya know…

            Well since you bring that up – just about every store I’ve seen is reporting more ps4 pre-orders than xbox ones. Also Ps4 actually has just as many if not more exclusives – and I’ll give you Halo. Hell I bout my last two xboxes for halo alone. They’ll get some sales there, but if you think this is even close, you’re oblivious to what’s going on….

          • Matthew Kenealy

            Wow, you learnt about the downvote feature of disqus? We got a Badass over here. And just FYI this is not the time that the most pre orders for consoles happen. Have fun using these… cause you’ll be having HDD failures, hacks, failed PSN etc. and currently the Xbox beats the PS4 for launch exclusives.

          • Arathasu

            I’m a PC gamer primarily. For me, it is not all about the exclusive titles. Whenever I invest money into something I want to make sure that what I spend money on is something that I find to be morally right.

            If company does more than the usual shady stuff, and too much of it I boycott it. Because I believe that it is simply bigger than, “oh I must play these exclusive titles”.

            By voting with my wallet, I sent a message that I’m serious whenever people ask me why I don’t have that product.

            I have followed E3, and the aftermath, and I can at least say that all the stores I know of in Norway report a higher number of pre-orders for PS4 than Xbox One.

            However, I cannot speak for the stores I have not seen, so who is winning this I cannot be completely sure. But from what I have seen, it looks like PS4 is leading, even though I cannot back up that with any real evidence.

            I’m well aware that most people are not like me, but still I would wish that more people voted with their wallet and took a stand against companies who try to decrease the rights and freedom of their customers.

            They are of course welcome to do as they wish, but I would like to see people threat things as bigger than they are.

            Even something very small and seeming insignificant can have lasting effects.

          • Matthew Kenealy

            I am a PC gamer too which is why the Xbox seems more appealing to me. I am almost always online so having to check in every 24 hours aint that bad for me.

          • Arathasu

            Fair enough mate. Personally, when I buy a console I like the option to take it with me to the cabin, and vacation where I might not have internet.

            Some of the Xbox One exclusives looks awesome, and I would consider buying it if MS turn around their anti consumer policies and solutions.

          • bahahahahahahahaha!!! I love you fanboys. Always coming up with an excuse – and never realizing how stupid you sound.

            YOU my friend are the one that said, and i quote, “You should actually go into a store and see what is being pre-ordered more”. And when i say I did,THEN you say, “this is not the time that the most pre orders for consoles happen”.

            lol wow. I think we’re done here

  • Tantrill

    Wearing a Microsoft polo does not make you an employee. It seems unlikely that M$ would send people to stores to bad mouth another product especially when you can’t even get their own support to answer questions about the Xbox One. All they do is direct you to their website.

    • Matthew Kenealy

      Exactly. By this logic if I wear a Nintendo Tee and go into a Microsoft Office I am trying to commit corporate espionage.

  • Dev

    Somehow i doubt this.

    • Matthew Kenealy

      Somehow? It is fake or it would have been on more credible articles than a Nintendo fan website and NeoGaf.

  • Nelson Mendez

    these guys are pitiful. It really makes me mad that they would crash Nintendo’s events. It shows you just how desperate they are.