Take that, awesome new Nexus 7

Wall Street Journal claims Retina iPad mini “likely” on its way this year

iPadminiI love my iPad mini, but never once have I been under the misconception that it has a good screen. It doesn’t. A good screen is like the one found on the new 2013 Nexus 7 – bright, with vivid colors, and amazing viewing angles, and nary a pixel visible to the eye. Earlier reports indicated that Apple was to do nothing to improve the iPad mini’s subpar display this year, however the Wall Street Journal is now fighting back and claiming that the iPad mini will indeed be picking up a Retina Display this year… probably. Or not.

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning on giving the iPad mini a beautiful 2048 x 1536 (high DPI – higher then the Nexus 7’s, actually) display with the same amazing quality that other Apple products, including the iPad with Retina Display, MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and iPhone have been known to have for years now. WSJ is claiming that Apple will be sourcing these displays from LG, Sharp, and Samsung in order to meet demand, which should be huge given the popularity of the existing iPad mini at this point.

I get the sense that this sort of report will turn out being accurate, if not simply because this may very well be somewhat of a controlled leak originating from Apple itself. Apple might have been afraid of losing a segment of its potential consumer base to the Nexus 7 and other competing tablets with high DPI displays and could have leaked this sort of information to “set the record straight”, so to speak.

Source: The Wall Street Journal