A busy autumn for Apple

Apple to release Retina iPad mini and iPad 5 in October


As we all eagerly await the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C next month, there is one small other product category that’s just as ripe as the iPhone for updates – the iPad lineup. Both the original 9″ iPad and the iPad mini are due for pretty significant upgrades this year, and now two trustworthy sources are “confirming” that Apple will be updating their iPad lineup this October.

A recent Bloomberg article is claiming that Apple will be releasing the new iPad lineup some time within the last three months of the year, likely between October and December. Bloomberg is also confirming that the iPad mini will indeed be picking up that Retina display, which we’ve all been suspecting since the Wall Street Journal confirmed the news just a couple of weeks ago.

What’s more, John Gruber of Daring Fireball – who has been known to have extremely reliable sources within Apple – has also just claimed in a recent post analyzing the iPhone 5C that Apple will be updating the iPad lineup this October.

All in all, it’s looking more and more like a busy autumn for Apple this year. After remaining relatively quiet leading up until WWDC this year, Apple is now poised to explode into the marketplace, likely in an effort to maximize profits going into the holiday season.

Source: Bloomberg / Daring Fireball