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What to realistically expect at Apple’s September 10th iPhone event

apple-sept10The iPhone has been long considered the smartphone that started it all, but in recent months the wave of excitement towards Apple’s iPhone line has mostly quelled. Android is finally more than “good enough” and now leans more towards great, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most compelling phones ever made, and the HTC One is by all means one of the most well designed pieces of technology in history – and let’s not forget the newcomer, the Moto X.

As people began to tune out the iPhone 5, the industry has begun to eagerly await the next generation of iPhones, which may perhaps go down as the most important iPhone lineup since the original’s introduction in 2007. This is really make it or begin-to-break-it for Apple, and we’ve been eagerly counting down the days until their September 10th iPhone event for months now. Well, the day is finally nearly upon us, and you’re probably wondering – what can I realistically expect on Tuesday? Click through after the break to find out more.

What to realistically expect…” is a series of posts which we use to temper expectations concerning upcoming Apple events. (We also currently hold a 100% accuracy rate, for you’re concerned about that sort of thing.)

Let’s start with the basics – we’re going to see two new iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.
We’ve known this one for a while now – unlike previous years, Apple will be announcing not one, but two new iPhones. The thought process behind this is obvious – while Apple makes a bunch of money off of lowering the price of the previous year’s iPhone, they’re missing out on all of the potential revenue a truly low-cost iPhone could provide. Thus, Apple will be releasing a low cost iPhone dubbed the iPhone 5C. Apple will also be continuing the “flagship” iPhone line with their iPhone 5S.


The iPhone 5C – an iPhone 5 wrapped in an iPhone 3G/S-quality plastic body.
The first of the new iPhones, and the one that Apple will more than likely be spending the most time on, is the iPhone 5C. Apple is hoping to make a big dent in the lower end of the market with their new iPhone, an where Apple likely sees the largest potential for growth. In order to achieve the lower price point ($99 on-contract, around $400 unlocked), Apple is expected to use a tweaked version of the iPhone 5’s SoC. As such, expect the iPhone 5C to essentially be a reworked version of the iPhone 5 in a plastic case; same A6 processor, same home button, same 8MP camera, etc. and so forth. There’s a good amount of precedent set for this in Tim Cook’s Apple with the iPad mini, which is essentially an iPad 2 in a different body. Like the iPhone 5, it will feature a Retina-quality 4″ 1136×640 display.

The iPhone 5S – a next-generation iPhone with current generation style.
The second of the new iPhones, and the one most excited by veterans and “power-users”, is the iPhone 5S. A continuation of the longstanding “flagship” iPhone line, the iPhone 5S will have entirely reworked internals. However, like other “S” iPhones, the iPhone 5S is expected to look virtually indistinguishable from the existing iPhone 5, with a few exceptions. For one, Apple is expected to be drastically improving their camera system with the iPhone 5S, packing in a 12MP camera with a dual-LED flash. Apple will likely be focusing on low-light performance with the 5S, which has traditionally been a weakspot for iPhones. The iPhone 5S will be running on a new quad-core A7 processor, house 1GB of RAM (same as the iPhone 5), and have much improved graphics capabilities.

The iPhone 5S’s new trick – a fingerprint sensor
The home button is also expected to be seeing a significant change. Gone will be the traditional home button logo that has graced iDevices since 2007, replaced instead by a silver ring around the button to signify the iPhone 5S’s most drastic addition – a fingerprint sensor. Functionality is expected to be pretty limited in the launch version of iOS 7, which will primarily use the fingerprint reader to secure the phone and not for any potential NFC functionality/payment systems. However Apple is expected to expand the fingerprint functionality in iOS 7.1 and particularly in iOS 8.


I see colors – a more colorful iPhone lineup
Another big change for Apple this year is the addition of colors in the iPhone lineup. The “C” in the iPhone 5C stands for color (no, not cheap), and will come in a wide variety of colors including White, Yellow, Green, Pink, and Blue. Packaging leaks have indicated that Apple will heavily be using color as part of this year’s marketing effort, with the packaging for each iPhone 5C displaying a wallpaper of the same color as the device. (A blue iPhone 5C will be packaged in a box displaying a blue wallpaper, for example)

But it’s not just the iPhone 5C that’s getting a little bit more colorful. The iPhone 5S will also be released in more than just the traditional two Black and White colors. We’re most confident that Apple will be releasing a third, gold color most accurately described as “champagne”. The device’s aluminum will be of a color color while the surrounding accents – including the front of the device – will be white. A fourth iPhone 5S color that has leaked more recently is described as “graphite” and said to most closely match the color scheme of the original, 2007 iPhone. The aluminum appears as gray color significantly lighter than the “slate” color found on the black iPhone 5, while the accents and front of the device will be black. Popular Apple rumor site 9to5Mac have expressed doubts about the graphite colored iPhone, however we remain convinced that Apple will indeed be selling graphite as a fourth iPhone 5S color.


iOS 7’s coming out party
Apple announced iOS 7 to the a crowd of developers at WWDC this year, and now it’s time for the general public to get excited. While we don’t expect iOS 7 to be available to download on September 10th, Apple will likely use the stage to announce the golden version of iOS 7, which will be released to developers prior to the general public. Apple will likely bring some excited developers on stage to show what they’ve been doing with iOS 7’s new functionality.

What’s an iPad? No iPads to be found – not even on the iOS 7 front
This is a mobile event, and as such Apple will not be focusing on the iPad at this time. Contrary to some earlier reports, Apple will not be announcing any new iPads at this time – the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will have to wait until October. Apple likely won’t even have much to say about iOS 7 for iPad, which we believe has been delayed in order to have a little more time in the oven, so to speak.

Last but certainly not least – the iPod
While this is the iPhone’s big day, we do expect some minor updates to Apple’s iPod lineup. While we are ansolutely not certain as to what that’ll entail, we do believe that Apple will at long last be discontinuing the iPod classic – which has sat on the lineup completely unchanged for quite literally years – and move to completely phase out the old 16-pin connector. That’s right – it’s all Lightning, all the time from here everyone.

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