Oh god, it's the gold iPhone all over again

Unannounced iPad mini with Retina Display to experience severe shortages?

iPadminiApple hasn’t even announced the product yet, and it’s already facing shortages – according to Reuters, which has been an accurate source of Apple information in the past, Apple is currently struggling with the production of their as of yet unannounced iPad mini with Retina Display and currently expects there will be “significant shortages” for the device.

We aren’t even totally sure that there will be an iPad mini with Retina Display this year, though the most recent rumors seem to give strength to that belief. Reuters even claims that the shortages will be bad enough to “impede” Apple’s ability to make a butt load of money off these new tablets this holiday season like the original iPad mini did for them last year. Rumors peg the release of the next-generation iPad mini alongside the full sized iPad 5 at a special event next month, and given Apple’s tough competition with the awesome new Nexus 7 and Amazon’s killer looking Kindle Fire HDX, I’d say the sooner, the better if Apple wants to stay ahead of the tablet game.

Source: Reuters