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AllThingsD: New iPad event set for October 22nd

applelogo-dull-75pxWe’ve heard rumours for some time now about the “iPad 5″ – how the 9” version features an iPad Mini-esque design, how the screen bezel is smaller and how the iPad Mini will ship with a Retina Display, even though inventory will be limited. AllThingsD, who was pretty accurate when it came to this year’s iPhone event, is reporting that this iPad event will come on October 22nd. It’s also likely that Apple will touch on the new Trash Can Mac Pro and Mac OS X “Mavricks”.

The rumours say that this event will be held either on Apple’s campus or at an art centre in San Francisco. We’ll see the rumours either confirmed or denied on that date no matter where it’s held.

Coincidentally, Microsoft’s Surface 2 will also be available to purchase from stores on October 22nd. Guess which tablet is going to be completely ignored on that date (Hint: It’s not the iPad)?

Source: AllThingsD
Via: Engadget