Bad news for us desparate for one

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirms that iPad mini with Retina Display will see constrained availability


I admit it – I’m desperate for one of those new iPad mini with Retina Displays. I can’t help it. Right before the big iPad announcement last tuesday, I actually sold my original, first generation iPad mini – I loved it, but between the lower resolution display, A5 processor, puny 512MB of RAM, and the constraints of all of that running iOS 7, the prospect of a beefier, Retina iPad mini was too much not to jump for. But now here comes Apple CEO Tim Cook throwing a bit of cold water on my desperation, tempering my expectations that I’ll be able to nab one on launch day whenever it becomes available in November.

In today’s conference call, Tim Cook claimed that “it’s not clear if we’ll have enough” iPad mini with Retina Displays to go around next month. You know what that’s marketing code for? “It’s absolutely clear that we certainly will not have enough” iPad mini with Retina displays for everyone next month. And while that’s a bit of a bummer, it’s perhaps not a huge surprise – popular rumor sites had been suggesting that supplies would be tight for quite some time now.

Sigh. You know what they say – patience, it is a virtue.

Source: MacRumors