Three weeks to go

All signs point to a November 21 Retina iPad mini launch


Good news and bad news. Good news, for you Apple diehards? The iPad Air, the long awaited successor to the full-sized fourth-generation iPad and the first redesign the product has seen since 2010, hits stores tomorrow! So that’s exciting. The bad news? The iPad mini with Retina Display, the second-generation iPad mini announced alongside the iPad Air, still has no concrete release date. Boo! But wait, hold up, because according to a trustworthy source alongside a product listing posted on, Apple is currently planning on releasing the long awaited iPad mini equipped with a Retina Display on November 21st – just three weeks away.

Of course, none of this is confirmed until Apple says it is – we all know the nature of Apple leaks, and how this little seemingly trustworthy tidbit of information could easily go one way or the other. But at the moment, things seem pretty concrete – concrete enough that I’m willing to plan my November 21st around the iPad mini.

Via: MacRumors