Pales to the competition

Some iPad mini with Retina Display owners seeing subpar color accuracy

While the iPad mini has one of the highest resolution displays on a small form factor tablet, punching in at 326 PPI (pixels per inch – compared to only 163 PPI on the previous generation iPad mini), but that doesn’t mean everything is peachy for Apple’s latest and greatest iPad mini. Indeed, some iPad mini owners, including popular tech blog Anandtech – are seeing issues with accurate color reproduction on their new tablets. The issue seems to stem from the iPad mini display’s relatively poor color gamut specs. Competitive tablets, such as the Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, appear to be able to produce a much higher range of colors than the iPad mini with Retina Display despite any differences in pixel density.



According to various reports, even other Apple products appear to have much more accurate color reproduction. The next best comparison, the iPad Air – which was launched just a couple of weeks earlier than the iPad mini with Retina Display – is seemingly capable of displaying colors more accurately then the iPad mini, as is the iPhone 5s and the iPod touch 5G. However, the iPad mini with Retina Display does appear to be not insignificantly improved over the previous generation iPad mini, which also had poor color reproduction.

While this may not be necessarily a deal breaker – the iPad mini’s display has been heralded as one of the best displays ever in an Apple product despite the issues – it is a very valid concern and a point worth mentioning regarding a tablet that costs a pricey $399 and up.

Source: Anandtech