Talking about an issue

Let’s call it “Filth-gate” – the iPhone 5s Leather Case gets ridiculously filthy ridiculously fast


Okay, internet, let’s come together and talk about an issue with an Apple product that seems to be severely overlooked; Apple’s iPhone 5s Leather Case kind of just plain old sucks. And I don’t mean that in a “just pass on this case, no big deal” sort of way, I’m saying this because it absolutely pains me to see other people buying it and getting ripped off with such a product.

It’s so enticing. Day 1, the case is great. It fits nice and snug and tight – maybe a little bit too tight, but that’s probablya good thing, right? The leather is just beautiful, plus it feels great – worth the almost absurd price of $40 that Apple asks for it. But because it costs $40, I expect this case to hold up, and to hold up well… but it doesn’t. Take a look at the photo above, which I snapped just moments before writing this. That case you see up there, the one that looks like it’s been rolled around in dirt, mud, and filth? It was vibrant red once. You can actually barely see a sharp color difference if you look around the indents for the volume buttons, where the point of contact is difficult to reach and the color is much more red.

So what did I do to get this case so filthy? Absolutely nothing. It’s been in my pocket. It’s sat on desks and tables. I haven’t dropped it. For all intents and purposes, it’s in immaculate condition – it’s just ridiculously dirty looking for basically no reason. And as someone who dropped $40 on the case, I don’t find that acceptable. I don’t think that this is the level of quality that Apple should be striving to reach.

Maybe I’m preaching to no one here, or maybe I’m overreacting to something that, at the end of the day, isn’t that big of a deal. But lots of people are spending considerable money on a case that’s going to look frankly gross after mere weeks of use. And I think that’s worth talking about.

  • Peterican

    You should’ve taken a better photograph. It doesn’t look that bad.

  • Jim

    So now it’s Apple’s fault your hands are dirty….. It’s real leather and you’re handling it a lot with your oily hands (look at the screen after a while, see all that oily smearing?), what do you expect to happen? Of course it’s going to look worn and dirty. They even warn you of that in their marketing. Get black if you don’t want to see that over time. Geez people are so entitled these days, complaining over every little thing.

  • Bob Ranch

    It for charity you idoiot