A cheap way to experience 4K

Polaroid announces new 50-inch 4K TV for just $999


Polaroid may not be best known for manufacturing televisions, but they certainly do so – and like competitor Vizio, they do so cheaply. Enter Polaroid’s new 50-inch 4K TV, Polaroid’s first ultra high definition set, that’ll run you just $999 – literally thousands of dollars less than most of the other 4K TVs that have launched at CES are expected to run for.

The Verge says that Polaroid’s new set definitely has the resolution, but it doesn’t necessarily have the “pop” – color wise, things are pretty dim here with not the best viewing angles and some of what they’re calling “strobing.” Polaroid’s new 4K TV will launch later this year. For those of you excited to get your hands on a new, inexpensive 4K TV.

Via: The Verge
Source: Polaroid