Nexus 5, we hardly knew thee

Google rumored to discontinue the Nexus device program this year


While Google’s Nexus program has never been an outstanding sales hit, it has provided both some pretty impressive sales numbers along with sometimes hugely impressive devices. That’s why it’s such a surprise to hear the big rumor today that Google has reportedly decided to discontinue the Nexus device program entirely this year, instead choosing to focus more on the recently launched lineup of “Google Play Edition” devices.

While the Nexus lineup has always represented a sort of “reference” device for stock Android configurations, Google may see more success in simply offering the best of what their partners have to offer – such as the already insanely popular Samsung Galaxy S4 and the insanely affordable but powerful Moto G – and packaging those with stock Android. This way, consumers and Google both get the best of both worlds – we get the devices we already want, and Google won’t have to go through the hassle of launching and promoting its own unique lineup of devices.

That said, there would be some pity to seeing the Nexus lineup go. The Nexus 7 was arguably the first good Android tablet, and though Google has largely ignored the Nexus 10 in recent years it did push OEMs to bring high resolution and DPI displays to Android tablets, similar to the then-new iPad 3. Without Google to push the OEMs, the real question is – can Android continue to move forward without Google’s own guidance? And can Google risk an Android ecosystem even more controlled by the likes of Samsung? All of this is just rumor for now, and we’ll keep you updated on the latest.

Source: Eldar Murtazin (via Twitter)

  • adrian

    One of the biggest attractions of the Nexus devices was undoubtedly price. I presume Google are unlikely to be in a position to sell devices like the S4 or Moto G at the sort of price points that the Nexus smartphones retailed at.