Please, show some respect

Teenager posts selfies with cadaver on Instagram, school is not amused

screen-shot-2014-02-05-at-9-06-30-amOk, we get it, when the mood strikes everyone enjoys taking a good selfie every once and a while. But please, lets remember that this is the twenty-first century and that there are these things called ruled of etiquette. And I don’t have the official etiquette rule book on me, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s probably in pretty bad taste to take a selfie of yourself with an educational cadaver (re: dead body) and post it on Instagram.

Yet that’s exactly what happened yesterday as a high school student somewhere in Alabama visited a biology lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for a field trip. Among seeing the cadaver, the unnamed student proceeded to snap a photo (complete with a silly face!) with the body and sent it up to Instagram. The photo has since been removed, but as we well know nothing truly leaves the internet, so of course a copy of the photo managed to leak around the web.

In a comment made by the school, the girl’s actions will be “reviewed’ to assure such an incident, which they assures us is “very disappointing”, never happens again.

Source: BetaBeat