AppleTV4,1 Airplay support

Evidence of significantly upgraded Apple TV hardware found in iOS 7


The rumor train is all warmed up and has now hit full steam, as Apple is reportedly preparing to release both new hardware and software for their “hobby” platform, the Apple TV. Just last week we learned that Apple is seemingly preparing to launch a new software and hardware update for the system alongside iOS 7.1 at a special event in March, and now we’re seeing further evidence that new hardware does indeed exist.

Some enterprising hackers have picked through system files of iOS 7 and have discovered that Apple’s latest mobile operating system supports AirPlay streaming to an unreleased Apple TV model dubbed “AppleTV4,1.” The latest version of the Apple TV hardware is currently classified as “AppleTV3,2” with a change in the first number signifying that whatever’s to come next is indeed a significant upgrade. The last time we received an Apple TV hardware update was when Apple shrunk the A5 processor found in the Apple TV but came with no new functionality or design, resulting in a change from “AppleTV3,1” to “AppleTV3,2.”

Apple is rumored to be launching a comprehensive third party app ecosystem with the new version of Apple TV, as well as include support for games for the first time, effectively turning the platform into a gaming console. Apple likely sees huge opportunity in that space as the company has come to absolutely dominate mobile gaming with iOS, which now ships more games that customers arguably want to play than any other mobile platform.

Source: 9to5Mac