Could this be the future of Twitter?

Twitter testing radical new design, puts images at the forefront


Twitter has never been shy of change, and the company appears to be continuing that tradition as evidence that Twitter is testing a radical new design has begun to surface. Interestingly, Mashable assistant features editor Matt Petronzio logged onto his Twitter profile the other day and noticed not a variant of the Twitter design we’ve all come to know and kind of love – but rather a completely, totally different experience that looks more like a Frankenstein’s Monster version of a combination of Facebook and Google+.

The new design, which is certainly far from final and appears to be simply in the testing phase, puts a heavy emphasis on a user’s photos whereas the current design puts most of that emphasis on text. Typography across the page has been expanded, and the new design features an almost magazine like view that places your tweets from left to right in rows rather than chronologically from the top of the page to the bottom.

Header images also appear to have been greatly enlarged in the photo, as have profile pictures – while both are relatively minor in the grand scope of the current Twitter design, they’re practically the largest things on the entire page in the new Twitter design. While this sort of new Twitter design appears to try to depart from the current Twitter design in many ways, it does appear to have one very clear benefit – larger text and images would be much easier to navigate on a tablet than the current Twitter design, which doesn’t use space in such a smart way on many tablets today.

No word yet on whether or not the general Twitter population will ever see the new design launched as an actual product, it’s interesting to get an insight into where Twitter thinks it may go next. Maybe try something a little more… Twitter-ish next time, Twitter?

Source: Mashable