The PC is dead

IDC: PC shipments face a record drop in sales

surface2-featuredI’m sure we’ve all heard how we’re living in the “post-PC era” by this point but if you haven’t taken Steve Jobs’ word on that, then perhaps these estimates from IDC will sway you.

IDC has released some data on just how far traditional x86 PC sales fell last year and the results aren’t pleasing. The estimates clock in at a 9.8% drop in PC sales worldwide and with an 11.3% drop in “emerging markets.” However, the drop was not as bad as they were originally expecting (10.1% drop) due to people migrating from Windows XP but the drop is still severe thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets.

IDC also expects PC sales to drop another 6% this year and continue to drop through 2018. Of course, Microsoft is rumored to release Windows “Threshold” in 2015 which is said to bring back the Start Menu. Perhaps PC sales will explode in 2015; perhaps they’ll drop even further.

Source: IDC
Via: Engadget