FarmVille for Oculus Rift

Facebook to buy Oculus for $2 billion

facebookHere’s one that came out of nowhere. Today, Facebook has announced that they’re going to buy Oculus for a cool $2 billion. You read that right: Facebook is going to buy the company behind one of the most promising virtual reality headsets we’ve seen to date.


The press release states that while gaming is the primary focus for the headset, several other groups are experimenting with VR in other applications with Facebook joining them. It also states that they believe VR might just emerge as the next social media platform with Mark Zuckerberg stating that “Oculus has the chance to create the most social platform ever, and change the way we work, play and communicate.”

The deal will be made up of about $400 million in cash and 23 million shares in Facebook stock, roughly worth $1.6 billion. The deal is expected to close in Q2 2014. And don’t worry; Oculus will still continue to work on their Rift headset.

Source: Facebook Newsroom