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Officially, Minecraft for Oculus Rift has been cancelled

Minecraft-logo-958x340_1674078Following the news that Facebook is buying Oculus comes word that Notch, creator of the wildly popular sandbox game Minecraft has cancelled the official version of Minecraft for Oculus Rift.

For the very reason that Facebook has bought Oculus, Minecraft will never see an official release of the game that is compatible with the Oculus Rift. Notch having stated that “Facebook creeps [him] out” and how Facebook doesn’t care about their users other than if they’re getting more users are some of the reasons why he personally pulled the plug on the project.

Thankfully, the project was just in preliminary talks and given the nature of Minecraft there are mods out there that make it Rift-compatible, they’re just not official.

Source: Notch (, Twitter