Twitter improves image integration

Twitter rolls out image tagging and support for embedding multiple images


Twitter has just announced that they have significantly improved support for images on Twitter. While images have always been treated pretty basically on the largely text based social network, the company is now rolling out two pretty significant improvements, currently exclusive to Twitter for Mobile.

First, Twitter users will now be able to tag users in images, a feature found in and often used on Facebook and Instagram. It works pretty much the same – just tap on a photo and type in the user that’s represented in it, who will then have their profile linked to on the image. This is available on both Twitter for iOS and Android starting today.

The next big change is users will now be able to upload and embed up to four images in a single tweet, seemingly by integrating the separate images into a single file uploaded to the server in a sort of collage. At the moment this feature is only available to Twitter for iOS starting today, however it will be brought to Twitter for Android at some point in the future.

The popular social network has long been rumored to be focusing on reframing itself as an image based network, even going so far as pushing out a radically redesigned test version of an image-centric version of the site to a select number of users.

Source: Twitter