I'll have a You Pick Two

Panera Bread is making the first sandwich shop for the 21st century


Anybody who loves a good sandwich is likely to have a sort of love affair with Panera Bread. The better-than-fast-food-but-still-not-quite-a-real-restaurant sandwich chain has become somewhat iconic for its selection of premium made to order sandwiches, soups in bread bowls, and most recently pasta dishes (oh god, the Macaroni & Cheese – the Macaroni & Cheese), and now the company has announced today that they will be significantly revamping each and every one of their retail locations before the end of 2015, creating one of the first visions of what a sandwich shop should look like in the twenty-first century.

Panera is known for its long lines, but no more – according to the company, the chain will be virtually removing lines in their entirety for anybody with a smartphone. Customers will simply be able to grab a table, order and pay from their table, and wait for their food to arrive within minutes – no hassle, no dealing with a cash register, and virtually eliminating the risk of getting mayonnaise on that sandwich when you asked for no mayo, damn it.

No smartphone? No problem – Panera will also be adding kiosks to their stores, letting customers walk up and tap on a touch screen with the whole menu, allowing you to order and pay from there as well.

On top of that, Panera will now allow customers to schedule orders up to five days in advance, and pick it up at a designated box at the time of your choosing.  Panera’s new revamp will likely get customers in and out faster, shorten wait times, improve the quality of orders (which had been somewhat slipping as of late, much to the company’s chagrin), and just making this a more enjoyable experience for all.

Subway, your move.

Source: Recode