Somebody's getting sacked

US Airways posts pornographic image on Twitter, didn’t seem to mind

Things got a little embarrassing for US Airways today after a company representative accidentally posted an… interesting pornographic image on Twitter this morning. What’s worse, the company then proceeded to leave the image up for about an hour while the company happily replied to other Twitter users and went along as though they hadn’t just posted a photo of a naked woman “enjoying” a model airplane. Which is just pretty awful even considering how awful this already was.

The tweet was sent as a reply to a concerned customer. The following is a screenshot of the tweet, which has since been removed, with all the weirdness blurred out for obvious reasons.



US Airways claims that they had “no idea” that the photo was posted on Twitter, and that the company is currently looking into how something so completely bizarre could have been posted and then ignored for an hour. Our guess? Someone’s getting sacked.

Source: BusinessInsider