Makes sense after seeing the Fire TV

Apple may be bringing Siri to the Apple TV


One of the best bits of functionality in Amazon’s recently launched Fire TV streaming box is the remote’s built in microphone, which can be used to navigate through your television using nothing but your voice – you might have seen those ridiculous commercials with Gary Busey advertising the feature. It looks like Apple likes the idea, as code hidden inside Apple’s latest iOS 7.1 update reveals that the company is working on building Siri support into the Apple TV, which would likely be used for similar navigation.

Microsoft has of course opted to allow users to almost completely control the Xbox One using just one’s voice as well, so this is no new idea. Still, it shows that Apple is actively looking into improving the Apple TV experience, which has sat stagnant for some time now. Apple has been rumored to be bringing new Apple TV hardware into the mix at some point this year, however an earlier rumor which suggested the company was planning on an April reveal for the new hardware has thus far been proven inaccurate as April as come and mostly gone with nary a word from Apple.

SourceUNiCORN (Twitter)