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Dummy unit shows the iPhone 6 may look like a bigger iPhone 5s


Let’s clear something up right now – no, the iPhone 6 will not totally revolutionize the design Apple first established with the original iPhone in 2007 and has refined endlessly for the last six years worth of new releases. Instead, a dummy unit based on “final schematics” of the final design of the iPhone 6 reveals what everyone with reasonable expectations should have expected for some time now – the iPhone 6 will look a whole heck of a lot like the last couple of years’ worth of iPhone designs. In fact, according to some photos of the dummy units, this may be Apple’s least radical new design yet – if these photos are to believed, the iPhone 6 will look literally exactly like a bigger, wider iPhone 5s.

The photos, seen above, portray an iPhone 6 in Space Gray – the same color profile Apple introduced across their entire portfolio of mobile devices with the iPhone 5s in 2013. Everything we know and love (or not love, I guess) seems to be fully in tact, from the ring around the home button indicative of Touch ID fingerprint recognition, to the dual-color design, Lightning cable port on the bottom with a standard headphone jack next to that.iphone6-dummy2

So while the iPhone 6 isn’t slated for release until later this year (more than likely that September time frame), it’s worth tempering your expectations just a little bit now. 2014’s iPhone will very much be the same iPhone we know and love, only bigger, to attract the users who have just gone ga-ga over the Android market’s models of smartphones with ginormous sizes. Of course, that’s just what’s on the outside – inside, the iPhone 6 is expected to feature a faster A8 processor, a significantly improved camera, a higher resolution Retina display, and more. Get exited?

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