Taking another cue from third party clients

Twitter now lets you mute the nonsense

twitter-bird-light-bgsTwitter has long had a habit of taking cues from third party clients while looking at how to shape their official products – most notably with the hashtags, @-replies, and retweets in the early days of Twitter, and now that trend is exhibiting itself again as Twitter has officially added the ability to mute users.

Essentially, muting does what it sounds like it is – it allows you to automatically hide tweets from users at any given time under different circumstances without unfollowing or blocking them. Now, finally, you can politely ignore your friends’ inane tweets without the need to complicate your relationships with an awkward unfollow.

Muting is now rolling out on the company’s official iOS and Android applications and will hit all users shortly. Time to celebrate by muting all of your annoying friends!

Source: Twitter