Xbox, Junk the Kinect

Microsoft unveils new $399 Xbox One bundle without Kinect

Xbox One_Console and ControllerMicrosoft has just announced some serious changes to their Xbox One game plan. In a move that’s sure to be in response to the PlayStation 4’s thorough whooping of the Xbox One in international sales to date, the company has today confirmed their plan to launch a version of the Xbox One that comes without the console’s much talked about Kinect peripheral. The new bundle will launch at a starting price of $399 – the cheapest Xbox One bundle yet – and will be fully compatible with all existing Xbox One software.

This marks a dramatic shift for Microsoft, as the company initially claimed that the Kinect was an “integral” part of the console, and that the company would be unable to offer a bundle without it. Ah, how times have changed. The new bundle will be launching in the United States June 9th, 2014, with an international release coming some time after. Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One’s Kinect Sensor will be available separately sometime in the future.

Sound good? Hit up your favorite retailer and get pre-ordering if this is the sort of thing that you’re interested in – or you could, you know, just get a PlayStation 4 for considerably below $399 now. Either one.

Source: Microsoft / Microsoft Store