Can they beat them all?

Mario Marathon 7: great games, good people, amazing cause


I’ve tweeted about this a couple of times in my personal Twitter account, but this deserves all the attention it can get – a group of gamers has taken to their beloved Wii U to play, and beat, (almost) every single console Mario game in the “main” series in an attempt to raise money for Child’s Play charity, which donates games and toys for children in hospitals around the world. This massive effort is called Mario Marathon, which has just begun their seventh year.

I’ve personally been watching since year three and I have to tell you, this initiative just gets better and more entertaining every year. As of writing this post, they’ve raised an amazing over $26,300 and it’s only just begun! Make sure you check them out, donate, share their link, whatever you can do. Remember: it’s for the children.

Check out Mario Marathon here!