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Microsoft releases Project Spark for Xbox One and Windows 8.1


Project Spark, the innovative game building game that launched as a limited beta earlier this year, has finally been released as both a digital download as well as a physical disc in retail. Available for both the Xbox One (sorry, Xbox 360 users) and Windows 8.1 (double sorry, Windows 7 standouts – can I interest you in Windows 10?), Project Spark allows players to create entire worlds for others to play trough, complete with campaign support as well as multiplayer.

If you choose to go for the download option, Project Spark is entirety free to use – Microsoft is only asking you pony up some cash for add-on packs that add content that you can use to further enhance your world. You can get this version at both the Xbox Marketplace as well as the Windows Store. Alternatively, you can walk into your nearest video game retailer and pick up the physical version for $39, which is actually a steal as it contains about $85 worth of that aforementioned add-on packs.

Source: Microsoft