Haverzine is a digital magazine dedicated to covering the latest top stories in tech. We proudly cover every aspect of tech from the newest, hottest app all the way to hardware and beyond. We also cover some slightly offbeat news that we may find interesting.

Work on Haverzine started early 2012, and the site was officially launched to the public on April 16th, 2012. We currently operate on a posting schedule that runs throughout the days of Monday through Friday.

The Team

Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Brian Hough is the humble founder of Haverzine. He enjoys - obviously - technology, striving towards a healthy lifestyle, cats, and iced coffee. Brian currently lives in Beverly, MA, a small city about 15 minutes outside of Boston.

Volunteer, Secondary Writer
Secondary writer for Haverzine, software developer, amateur musician, artist and photographer. He has spent his free time learning whatever he can to help him in the ever-changing world of technology without regard to the age of whatever he’s learning about.
Photo by Hayley Landry
Photo edited by Ciaran Owens