Ready for CES 2013

A new author in town

Hi, I’m Sean Ellis. I’m here to help keep the site running during CES 2013, one of the biggest times for tech. Of course, I’ll also be here to run other, non-CES stories during this time.

And now for a little bit of who I am. Some of you may know me as neko2k. I do some programming as a hobby, some for myself and some for other people. I also have interests in the Windows beta scene; waiting for any info on “the next big thing.”

That’s all I can think to say about myself. Onward to CES!

January 8th - January 11th

Haverzine covering CES 2013

As many of you may be aware, the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) trade show takes place next week, and like many other tech outlets Haverzine will be covering all the biggest announcements as they happen! Check back January 8th – January 11th (Tuesday – Friday) for the latest top stories in tech – we’re expecting some big news on multiple fronts, and it should be a great week!

We at Haverzine work hard to provide you with only the most influential and important stories in tech, so only at Haverzine will you be able to avoid through all the minor stuff and get right to the meaty good stuff. We will also be keeping an eye out for any major news that might occur outside of CES as per usual, because while CES is a big source of news, it sure as heck isn’t the only one next week!

So hope you’re ready for a great week, and we’ll see you then!

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick post wishing all of our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll update periodically throughout the rest of the day if anything major breaks, and resume in a more full capacity tomorrow.

Thanks as always for visiting and being a part of our family, now go and celebrate with yours!

Welcome to Haverzine "1.2"

Haverzine, November 2012 edition

In a short couple of weeks, Haverzine will turn seven months old – just five months away from a full year. It’s actually insane for me to think about the site in those terms – this journey started much, much earlier for me. As I’ve recounted before, I began work on Haverzine in early February of this year and worked almost constantly day in and day out (around other obligations, of course) to plan and create a site and design that I knew that not only I, but all of us, could be proud of.

It’s insane to think that, as the calendar now reads November, I’ve now launched the second big update to the site – and almost certainly the largest since I first launched the site in April. I’ve taken to calling things by version names, so keeping with that tradition I’d like to welcome you all to Haverzine 1.2. There’s a lot new here.

You’ll notice that we’ve added a new widget in the sidebar to the right that gives you an up-front look at our five most recent featured articles without needing to scroll through the large image banner at the top, something I’ve been fiddling with the idea for some time now. Speaking of featured articles, I’ve also gotten rid of the border to the left and the right of the pager and increased the image that accompanies a both to take advantage of all the room the layout has to offer.

We’ve also added subtitles, which are in green on top of every article header, a way to give readers more information about articles at a glance. These are little snippets of information that don’t really belong in an article’s title, but still relevant to the overall of the story.

A lot of work has been put into decreasing the overall size and load times for the site over the months, and that’s really paid off here. All of these new features and site redesigns add next to nothing to load times, and are way under our original load times. Our intense focus on optimizing the site to be as fast as possible for those with slower connections remains as strong as ever, and we will continue to bring load times down in future updates.

Again, I’d like to thank every single one of you reading this right now for supporting the site in whatever capacity you have. Haverzine is around because we believe that the tech space needs a news site that focuses on quality, not quantity. We believe that when you create something truly special, it makes every second spent doing that thing all the more special. We’ll have more to announce on some exciting additions and changes before long, but until then, keep on rocking.

Join the cause this Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As many of our readers may be aware, all throughout the month of October people around the world band together to help put an end to one of the largest killers in the United States today, Breast Cancer. At Haverzine we’re keenly aware of the tragedy and devastation that Breast Cancer can and does bring to families all around the world.

It is estimated that, by the end of 2012, over 226,800 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in this one year alone, affecting both men and women. Over 39,500 people may die from breast cancer.

In order to help put an end to this, we’ve given Haverzine a fresh coat of brilliant pink paint to help to help raise awareness for the cause. For anybody interested, you can help this valiant cause by donating to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc today. Any donation, no matter how little or how much, helps.

I sincerely thank everybody for taking the time to read this and for supporting this tremendous cause, and for letting Haverzine be part of your day. Back to the tech!


Status Report: Haverzine, four months in

Hey everyone, just figured I’d put a quick post out there giving everybody a quick status report on the site. First – we’ve had an increasingly steady amount of growth since around May, with mid June being a peak as we launched our first foray into Facebook advertising, which resulted in a large amount of daily readers.

Some fun statistics for you – 39.37% of you are Google Chrome users, 19.06% of you are Apple Safari users, 18.67% of you are Firefox users, and 13.88% of you are Internet Explorer users, with the rest being various other smaller browsers. Most of you – 66.59% as a matter of fact – are Windows users, while almost all of the rest are Mac users.

Now for a big update – today we officially rolled out an updated version of our site and site design, Haverzine 1.1. I’ve focused on a couple of key points with Haverzine 1.1, including the following:

  • Improved site load times. We’ve optimized the layout to finish loading more quickly than before by making images smaller, reducing un-needed code, and replacing images with HTML/CSS wherever possible. This should result in a noticeable improvement.
  • Changed the site colors to have much, much better contrast for certain displays. While things tended to “blend” together on some displays and color profiles, things should be crisp, clear, and distinct now.
  • Changed individual post designs to have more attractive meta-data, and a better handling of tags.
  • Totally redesigned author pages, providing more information about the author of any given specific post including a short biography, the users’ avatar, existing posts, with more to come.
  • Updated most of the images on the site to be totally Retina Display display ready, making Haverzine one of the first sites on the netto make this a primary focus.
  • Removed the “social” badges in the header and replaced them with a drop down menu that’s cleaner looking and easier to update.
  • Added “Add to Homescreen” support on iOS devices, complete with a web app icon.

There’s plenty more little things here and there that you’ll notice while browsing the site, but these are a few I figured would be worth pointing out. We’ve also updated Haverzine to run on the newest version of WordPress, and updated all of the third party plugins we use. If you run into any issue, please let me know in the comments!

So what’s next for Haverzine? Well, now that the desktop site has been updated, I’m going to continue work on the new Haverzine Mobile that I’ve been teasing to those with good eyes, and work on improving the site for our iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users.

Finally, I’d like to thank everybody who has supported me and the site thus far – we’ve come a long way, but there’s still an even longer way to go with some additional announcements coming soon. Keep an eye out!


Status Report: one month of fun (and counting!)

One month ago yesterday, we launched Haverzine to the general public, removing the fluff other technology blogs are known for and bringing only the highest quality and most important tech news to our readers.

We’ve seen the beginnings of some real success here, with over 100 stories posted, over 500 unique visitors, and about 5,000 total page views – and these numbers only include hits to our desktop website, not to our mobile site (though we’ll soon begin gathering data from our mobile site as well). We’re not there yet, but these are real, honest numbers that show real, honest potential.

We haven’t settled on just posting amazing content, though: at Haverzine we’re dedicating to pushing out not only perfect content but also providing an amazing reading experience. That’s why we’ve continuously updating our site as needed, squashing bugs and perfecting the design down to the pixel. We’ll continue to improve the experience for all of our users in the coming days, weeks, and months: work has begun on the first major update to the design, which I’m calling “Haverzine 1.1”, which should be rolled out sometime this sumer.

Thank you all again for helping make Haverzine great. This site probably wouldn’t have lasted even this long if it weren’t for everybody’s support. Summer is here and classes are out, so expect even more great coverage in the coming months!


Comments down for maintenance

Morning all,

Just a quick notice that comments will be down until further notice for some maintenance. It seems that Disqus, the comment system we currently run, doesn’t want to play nice on Internet Explorer 8 or 9, causing the browser to render the site in a pretty ugly fashion. Until that’s sorted out comments will be disabled. The site itself will remain fully functional outside of that.


Welcome to Haverzine

Welcome to Haverzine, a new online magazine that’ll be covering the top stories in technology. I’m Brian Hough, and I’ll be the author, designer, creator, emperor, caesar, etc. and so forth of this here website. I’m currently enrolled as a student in Endicott College’s Communications program, am an avid fan of technology, and a professional boxer. Actually that last part’s not true but wouldn’t it be exciting if it were?

We’ll be updating the site, adding content, reporting on the news, and squashing any outstanding bugs that haven’t already been squashed all throughout the coming days and weeks to ensure that everything is in tip top shape. Any major news or updates will be pinned to that top “featured” section of the site. If you find anything at all of concern, please either e-mail a description of the problem to us at or just comment on this post. (Which you’ll be able to do, conveniently enough, using either your Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, or Disqus accounts – no need to register just for this site!)

Likewise, we’re gladly accepting feedback or tips of any sorts at that same e-mail address. Just send us an e-mail and we’ll give it a looksie. If you’d like, you can also feel free to follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook using the buttons over on the right hand side. That way you can get the most up to date news without even having to visit the site – isn’t that handy?

Finally, I thank each and every one of you reading this post from the bottom of my heart. A lot of time and effort was put into making this the best possible experience it could be. I also sincerely thank everybody out there who’s had to put up with my obsessing over every last detail of the site for the last couple of months and, in some cases, for contributing to us – if you like what you see, you have them to thank for it!

See you soon,
The Haverzine Team (aka Brian)