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Spatial orientation comes to notebooks

Acer’s new laptop has a crazy Kinect-like 3D camera


The Xbox’s Kinect may not have set the world on fire like Microsoft ad hoped it would, but that isn’t stopping Acer from giving it a go. Launching as part of the company’s new notebook lineup being introduced at CES, Acer’s high end V 17 Nitro notebook has an integrated Intel RealSense 3D camera. Used to measure motion and depth, the V 17 Nitro’s will allow you to control compatible PC games in a very similar fashion to Kinect enabled Xbox games. Make a rowing motion with your arms to row your boat in-game – do a jumping jack and have your in-game avatar convince you you’re exercising – the possibilities are limitless.

Inside the rather eccentric looking gigantic laptop is all the latest and greatest specifications you might expect. You’ve got your quad-core 2.5GHz Core i7 processor, GeForce GTX 860M graphics card, 1TB of spinning disk storage alongside 128GB or 256GB of solid state storage, a high resolution 17-inch display, and more.

The Acer V 17 Nitro launches this month for an undisclosed sum of money, so keep an eye for more information. Acer also has a whole other lineup of new notebooks from high end gaming rigs to full blown workstation replacements, all of which you can discover at the source link below.

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Let's hope it's not as bad as the Iconia W3

Acer’s got another 8″ tablet coming

iconiaw4Remember the Acer Iconia W3? That 8″ tablet that was utter garbage in every respect? Yeah, Acer decided to take another stab at the 8″ tablet and they came out with the Iconia W4 tablet.

The Iconia W4 is really only a minor upgrade to the earlier W3, set to fix one of the biggest issues the W3 had: the display. The new Iconia W4 comes with a 1200×800 IPS LCD, thus eliminating the weird viewing angles. It’s powered by a Bay Trail Atom at 1.8GHz and has a meager 2GB of RAM onboard. Storage-wise, you get either 32GB or 64GB and has a MicroSD slot for any upgrades you might want.

In the way of other accessories and ports, you get a micro USB port and a micro HDMI port. There will also be a stylus, a few cases and a “Crunch Keyboard” – one that folds back into a kickstand. And as usual, Acer has pre-loaded a copy of Microsoft Office on the device. All of this will be available later this month for $330 or $380 for the 32GB or 64GB version.

Source: WPCentral, PCWorld

1080p is so last year

Acer announces the Liquid S2, a 6″ Android smartphone that shoots video in 4K


We predicted that 2013 would be the year of the 4K TV, and boy does it look like we were right. If you’re looking for evidence of that, you need not look any further than Acer’s Liquid S2, a just announced smartphone that packs a 4K video camera insight of a 6″ smartphone running Android.

The Liquid S2 comes with a 6″ 1080p IPS display, a beefy Snapdragon 800 processor, 13 MP camera, LED flash, and a 2MP front facing camera (that also just so happens to shoot in 1080p, keeping up with the Liquid S2’s insane video recording functionality.) Acer’s also announced a suite of “improvements” to Android, including a new Camera application that allows for better burst shots, separate focus and exposure settings, and a new mode that lets you take a photo right from the home screen without the need to even open a camera application.

The Liquid S2 also comes with a whopping 2GB of RAM, an impressive 3,300 mAh camera, and – surprise – 4G LTE support for those of you who have made the leap to the best of all the cellular networks. No word yet on pricing or availability beyond an “October” release date in the UK, so stay tuned for more.

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This is what other OEMs need to be doing

Acer to expand Chromebook & Android selection, shrink Windows selection

acerAcer hasn’t been pleased with their Q2 sales report. The fourth-largest PC manufacturer is so displeased with Windows 8 that the company announced that they will be shrinking their selection of Windows computers and expanding the alternative selection lineup – that is, they’ll be making more Android and Chromebook devices than they will Windows PCs, although they’re still interested in being a Microsoft partner. Chairman J.T. Wang expects that the new lineup will make 10-12% revenue by the end of the year, and then pushing that number up to 30% by 2014.

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Acer sees no value in Windows RT tablets, one coming anyways

Acer Aspire P3 notebook mode_678x452Windows RT hasn’t exactly been flying off the shelves as of yet, as evidenced by the Surface RT struggling to stand on two feet whilst the Surface Pro makes some seemingly decent sales. When asked about Acer’s plan for any potential Windows RT tablets, Acer president Jim Wong was cautious in his answer, saying “To be honest, there’s no value doing the current version of RT.”

However, Jong did say that plans for an RT tablet are “ongoing”, lending credit to the thought that Acer could be waiting for the eagerly anticipated Windows Blue update to Windows 8. Windows Blue (also known as Windows 8.1) will bring several enhancements and much requested new features to Windows 8, including support for smaller, ~7″ devices, improved WinRT APIs, a more fleshed out Start Screen environment, and – potentially – the return of the Start Button.

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Another day, another low-end chromebook

Google announces $199 Acer Chromebook

Google and Acer today jointly announced a new $199 Chromebook, Google-speak for what we would have once called a netbook with low-end specs and running Google’s Chrome OS desktop operating system. The new Acer C7 Chromebook one-up’s the just announced Samsung Chromebook in raw processing power by offering a full blown Intel Core i3 processor instead of the Samsung Chromebook’s ARM processor. That means that, theoretically, you would be able to shove on any other desktop operating system, such as Linux or Windows 8.

With the cheap asking price does come with some compromises, of course – the Acer Chromebook comes with only 3.5 hours of battery life, way way below what we’ve come to expect as industry standard these days. Despite the similar size, I wouldn’t expect MacBook Air level performance here.

The new Acer Chromebook will be available on Google Play, Best Buy, Amazon UK, PC World, and Currys starting tomorrow.

Source: Google Blog

Acer CEO: Microsoft Surface will have a “negative effect”

It should come as no surprise that Microsoft’s OEM partners are perhaps less than pleased about Microsoft’s decision to jump into the computer hardware game with their Microsoft Surface – as a matter of fact, Acer’s CEO JT Wang is letting the world know loud and clear that he’s not too happy about it.

Talking to Digitimes, Mr. Wang specifically said that he believes that “Microsoft’s actions will have a rather negative impact on the long-established PC ecosystem”, worrying for sure about the fact that Microsoft’s OEMs might not be able to beat or even come close to Microsoft itself in terms of pricing. Each Microsoft OEM has to pay a considerable sum to Microsoft for the ability to put Microsoft on their computer, a charge which Microsoft itself is of course not subject to.

Mr. Wang did however make it clear that Acer is not preparing to react by moving out of the PC business, saying that his company has “no intentions of quitting the Windows-based tablet PC market, and is aggressively developing related devices.”

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