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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines

Apple Store down ahead of WWDC keynote

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As per tradition, Apple has taken down the Apple Store prior to today’s WWDC keynote in anticipation for the launch of some brand new products that are expected to be announced today. Apple routinely takes down their online Apple Store prior to a major event in order to add the new products and make sure customers don’t purchase a product the company plans on replacing the day of an update – not to mention it’s a great way to build up hype for new products.

Apple is expected to be introducing a brand new version of both of its major operating systems, iOS and OS X, dubbed iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 respectively. iOS is said to be seeing a major redesign towards a new “flat” aesthetic as heralded by Jonathan Ive, while OS X is scheduled to see some updates for “power users” such as a new tabbed Finder, dual monitor improvements, and Mission Control enhancements. Apple is also expected to launch an update to their MacBook line.

You can check out a list of everything we realistically expect to see at WWDC today right here, so be sure to check that out!

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Apple now allows “Ship to Store” option to Refurbished Store

applegenius.jpgIf you were a real eagle eyes Apple fanboy, you’d have noticed this one right away: Apple has just added their optional “Ship to Store” feature, which allows users to ship their online purchase to the local Apple Store for free, to their Refurbished Store. Ship to Store had previously been reserved to Apple’s standard online store for new products.

It looks like all products except for the just discontinued iPod touch are currently in stock in the Refurbished Store and able to be sent along to an Apple Store, though inventories have been known to fluctuate quite rapidly on the Refurbished Store as people quickly snatch up some excellent deals.

Unfortunately, Ship to Store won’t get you your Mac any faster – standard shipping times apply, plus you’ll have to make a trek out to your local Apple Store – but hey, I know that I for one love going to an Apple Store to get my Apple products, so I could see a market for this.

Via: MacRumors