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What to realistically expect at Apple’s September 10th iPhone event

apple-sept10The iPhone has been long considered the smartphone that started it all, but in recent months the wave of excitement towards Apple’s iPhone line has mostly quelled. Android is finally more than “good enough” and now leans more towards great, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most compelling phones ever made, and the HTC One is by all means one of the most well designed pieces of technology in history – and let’s not forget the newcomer, the Moto X.

As people began to tune out the iPhone 5, the industry has begun to eagerly await the next generation of iPhones, which may perhaps go down as the most important iPhone lineup since the original’s introduction in 2007. This is really make it or begin-to-break-it for Apple, and we’ve been eagerly counting down the days until their September 10th iPhone event for months now. Well, the day is finally nearly upon us, and you’re probably wondering – what can I realistically expect on Tuesday? Click through after the break to find out more.

What to realistically expect…” is a series of posts which we use to temper expectations concerning upcoming Apple events. (We also currently hold a 100% accuracy rate, for you’re concerned about that sort of thing.)

Look at all the matching colors

iPhone 5C leaks again, new photos reveal packaging and marketing materials


Good news to everyone looking forward to Apple’s new “budget” iPhone – the iPhone 5C – which should be revealed at Apple’s much-rumored September 10th media event. Photos of the iPhone 5C have leaked once again, this time revealing packaging and marketing materials for the upcoming iPhone.

It looks as though the new devices will be housed in plastic, see-through packaging not altogether dissimilar from the packaging used on Apple’s iPod touch and iPod nano lines. Also of note, it looks like Apple is planning on marketing each color iPhone 5C – which will come in blue, pink, yellow, green, white – with a wallpaper of the corresponding color. The affects are certainly appealing and do well at showcasing iOS 7’s new visual style, with highly transparent elements in order to allow users to see more of their wallpaper and color “scheme” then before.


Also of note, the packaging seems to confirm the iPhone 5C name, which we first learned in June of this year. It’s been a strange and leaky summer for an Apple that was said to be “doubling down on security” as the iPhone 5C now seems totally similar to everyone paying attention in the tech atmosphere, despite the fact that Apple still refuses to even acknowledge its existence.

We’ll be covering Apple’s big iPhone event as it happens on September 10th, so be sure to stay tuned for that! Apple is expected to be releasing iOS 7, their new iPhone 5S flagship phone (which could be launching in Champaign Gold and Graphite colors), the aforementioned iPhone 5C, and maybe a surprise or two.

Via: Engadget

Mark your calendars

Apple to unveil the next-generation iPhone on September 10th

iphone5If by now you haven’t heard the news – unlikely, considered it’s been plastered all over both the real world and the internet – reliable rumors coming out of the folks at AllThingsD this weekend are claiming that the time has finally come; Apple will be unveiling the next-generation iPhone, long expected to be the iPhone 5S, on September 10th. This first in perfectly with what we’ve heard before following the news that Apple had missed the window for a WWDC ’13 launch, and the thought that development of iOS 7 – which will almost certainly launch alongside the iPhone 5S – is close to finished.

Adding a minor wrinkle to the story is the thought that Apple will be launching more than the iPhone 5S this fall. Apple has been expected to launch an all-new plastic iPhone, which the tech world has taken to calling the iPhone 5C, later on in the year. We’ve seen it show its pretty little plastic head on camera numerous times now in some incredibly high quality photos, so now it’s just a matter of settling whether or not you’ll be able to actually get your hands on one following the September 10th event or if that’ll have to wait for another day.

The iPhone 5S is expected to launch with the same design as the iPhone 5, however rumors have it it will include a fingerprint sensor, a 12MP camera, a higher quality IGZO display, a redesigned volume button layout, an upgraded A7 processor, and more.

Source: AllThingsD

Reports say iOS 7 is close to

Could iOS 7 already be close to finished?

ios7logoiOS 7 is a radical departure from iOS 6. I know it, you know it, and by this point the whole entire universe probably knows it. As such, we were all expecting a long and arduous development period riddled with bugs, an evolving UX and UI, glitz, and glamor. But instead what we’ve got is a relatively quiet development cycle, not unlike the sorts iOS 6 – which was a much, much more minor upgrade – went through. Sure, iOS 7 beta 1 and beta 2 were a bit buggy, and beta 3 has a showstopper here or there, but on the whole in my approximation iOS 7 has been nearly “ready” since I started using the third beta. Outside reports are now indicating that my suspicions have been seemingly right on the money – both 9to5Mac and BGR have reportedly heard that development on iOS 7 is wrapping up, with the OS entering a “zero-priority-1 bug status” period any day now.

What’s more, Apple is reportedly about to build the first gold-master candidate build of the OS – or, in plain speak, the first build of the OS that will be considered for status as the final iOS 7.0 build. These sorts of “pre-GM” builds are common in large development projects and often considered retail quality; only if major bugs are found do companies tend to go back and do more fixes and compile another pre-GM build. It’s probably obvious to any iOS 7 beta 3 user that the OS has been somewhat close to this, though these reports are throwing concrete fuel onto the metaphorical fire. BGR reports that Apple is gearing up to release iOS 7 in early September.

What’s more, Apple has for the last six years released a major new version of iOS just days before the release of a new iPhone, so if that early September date is accurate it’s also an indication that that’s when we’ll be seeing this year’s hardware upgrades, expected to be the iPhone 5S and “budget” iPhone, as well. iOS 7 beta 4 is expected to be released within 24-hours, with a fifth beta expected in just another two weeks.

Via: MacRumors
Source: BGN / 9to5Mac

It's very colourful, to say the least

Apple’s budget iPhone: The iLumia?

budget-iphone-ilumiaA couple days ago, we saw some high quality photos of what purports to be the new budget iPhone. We now have a few pictures of cases that also purport to be the budget iPhone, but instead of plain white they come in several different colours like their iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch range. As can be seen, they are made of glossy plastic, an unusual departure from the aluminium that they use on their current iPod range. Is this legit? We don’t know yet; this is still classed as a rumor. What we do know is that these photos make the budget iPhone look like the impressive Nokia Lumia range, or even Apple’s own translucent, multi-coloured iMacs back from yesteryear.

Source: AppleDaily (Google Translate), NWE (Google Translate)
Image Credit: Sonny Dickson (Twitter)
Via: Engadget

The new $99 iPhone?

Apple’s new budget iPhone revealed in high quality photos


Apple has been long expected to release not only one iPhone this year, but two. The most prominent of which will be the iPhone 5S, which is expected to be the premium $199 iPhone and the successor to the iPhone 5, similar to what Apple’s done in all prior years. However unlike other years, Apple is expected to also be releasing a new “budget” iPhone, likely at $99. The new budget iPhone will be made out of a plastic back casing similar to what was found on the old iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, which sacrifices that “premium” feel for a lower price.

While Apple hasn’t officially commented one way or the other about any new iPhone – just like always – Techdy, a new tech site which also offers their own knockoff Android devices modeled after other premium devices, have reportedly gotten their hands on the complete casing of the new budget iPhone in white, which is expected to be released in numerous colors. Techdy believes that the housing unit is genuine and has taken photos of the casing with the iPhone 5’s front unit attached, which Techdy claims fits like a glove, one of which can be seen above.

Techdy has taken numerous high quality photographs of the “assembled” device. The result is the best look we’ll likely have at the new budget iPhone until Apple releases the product themselves, likely later this year. While we can’t officially vouch for the validity of the part or the photographs, we are running this story as we believe that they are accurate representations of an upcoming Apple iPhone.

Source: Techdy