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It's no flagship

HTC preparing to launch new budget smartphone at CES 2015

HTC is preparing to launch a new budget smartphone at CES next week, according to today’s rumor mill. The new smartphone, which will launch with HTC’s existing “Desire” branding, is said to be codenamed “HTC A52” and will ship with a 13MP “selfie” front facing camera in numerous colorful configurations, including “navy blue/vivid blue, taupe purple/tangerine tango, terra white/almond, terra white/tangerine tango” according to @Upleaks.

The company has begun teasing the launch of their new budget smartphone on their official Weibo account, posting the above teaser image reading, “Always Desire more.” I’ll just continue reading into that as I will – to keep looking forward to the company’s true third-generation HTC One flagship device.

Via: 9to5Google
Source: @Upleaks (Twitter) / HTC (Weibo)

webOS sure looks different

This is LG’s webOS TV leaked at last


WebOS sure looks different now. The operating system obtained by HP in their buyout of Palm in 2010 and later purchased by LG is making its grand reappearance at CES 2014 next week, with its latest incarnation not running on a smartphone or a tablet, but rather a television. LG is promising that this will “reinvent the television,” and now we know what they’re all excited to unveil. Thanks to everyone’s good friend @evleaks, we’ve got the first promotional images of LG’s webOS television set – which you can see in the image above.

Clearly LG has been hard at work re-inventing webOS – gone are the beautiful, highly detailed iconography and visual metaphor, and in comes a sort of strange blade-type user interface. Clearly LG had some work to do to make webOS usable with a television’s primary input device – the remote control – but you’d be hard pressed to recognize that this was webOS in the slightest.

We’ll be covering the launch of LG’s webOS TV, as well as the rest of CES 2014, next week. Stay tuned for more details regarding our full CES 2014 coverage.

Source: @evleaks

The OS that won't die

WebOS lives on in LG’s upcoming Smart TV, to retain familiar UI

hp-touchpadThe operating system that just won’t die is about to rise again, as LG is preparing to launch their WebOS based Smart TV at CES next week. Specific details are slim at the moment, but what we do know makes me hopeful – the new television set, which LG claims will be a “game changer”, will retain WebOS’s existing and famous “cards” metaphor that debuted with the Palm Pre in 2009. The UI design has been credited for influencing the design of not only this new LG set, but also Windows Phone’s multitasking system as well as iOS 7’s.

As for hardware specifics, this might just be the most powerful television set ever created. Under the screen sits a 2.2 GHz dual-core processor of some sort (likely ARM based), 1.5GB of RAM, and it’ll feature a (hopefully) thriving app ecosystem.

We’ll be sure to bring you more on the new television set, as well as all the goodies CES has to offer, as we begin our full CES 2014 coverage next week. Stay tuned.

Via: The Verge
Source: The Wall Street Journal

It's all over

CES 2013 in review

It’s Monday, and that means CES 2013 is now over. In amongst all the boring Android phones and refrigerators came some really exiting upcoming technology, as well as a few… weird things.

Let’s summarize the week’s worth of tech into one post. It’s been a wild ride; check after the break to re-ride the CES roller coaster.