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Ohhh, Convergence

Android VP now the head of Chrome development

chromebookGoogle has long been heralding two very distinct platforms – Android, the company’s mobile first operating system that helped pioneer the modern smartphone market, and Chrome, which began as a humble, WebKit based web browser that grew to become an entire operating system with a not small library of developer and end user support.

Google’s two platforms couldn’t be more different, but Google is making strides towards bringing their two babies closer together than ever. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google has put the VP of engineering for Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, in charge of the engineering team over on the Chrome side. That means that the same individual will now be responsible for building both the mobile-centric Android and the desktop-class Chrome OS. While this isn’t exactly a confirmation that the two platforms will grow closer together in terms of design and functionality, it does suggest that such a thing wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

I see a wedding in your future

Google announces organizational reshuffle; Andy Rubin out, ChromeOS team in

Since its inception, Android has been managed by Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content at Google. Well that’s all about to change, as Google has just announced in a blog post that Mr. Rubin will be stepping aside from his roll in the Android team to pursue other opportunities within Google. All in all, that’s not huge news – I mean it is, but it’s far from Earth shattering. What is potentially Earth shattering is who gets the reigns of Android now – none other than Sundar Pichai, head of the ChromeOS team.

That’s right, Sundar Pichai will now be leading both of Google’s major operating system initiatives, ChromeOS as well as Android. This, of course, leads to so many questions – out of all the qualified individuals from within Google, and there are a lot of them, the management chose the Mr. Pichai for a reason – and I would bet you a large filet mignon that it’s not to foster competition between the two groups. Rather, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more similarities between the two platforms going forward.

Source: Google