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Apple allows European customers to return digital purchases for two weeks

yosemite-itunes-logoResponding to a requests from the European Union, Apple has begun allowing European customers to return any and all digital purchases sold on Apple’s iTunes Store or App Store services for up to two weeks for a full refund, with or without a good reason. You’ll still need to pay the fee upfront – so that $15 movie is still going to cost $15 – but if you watch the movie and decided you don’t like it, back it can go.

The new policy is now in affect in all countries governed by the European Union, which means that American customers are still out of luck if they decide that crummy port of Soulcalibur isn’t up to their standards. Of course, there are fears that this sort of system is ripe for abuse, but good on the European Union and Apple for choosing not to treat would be customers as potential criminals.

Via: The Verge
Source: Apple

France, Germany, and UK

Moto X launching in Europe for €429 or £380


Motorola and Google have just announced that their flagship in-house smartphone, the Moto X, will be launching overseas in Europe next month for a not-too-terrible price o f€429 in France and Germany or £380 in the United Kingdom.

The Moto X is the older, more impressive brother of the Moto G, which just launched in both the United States and parts of Europe last month. While the Moto G is more affordable at just £130, the Moto X does have many advantages that makes it worth the price – an improved camera, more functional software that takes advantage of the AMOLED display found in the Moto X to display notifications without lighting up the entire display. The Moto X also comes with more storage, a faster processor, more memory, and an improved build quality.

The Moto X has been available in the United States for quite some time and is the first phone to come out of the Motorola/Google merger that contains an influence from Google’s DNA, so to speak.

Via: The Verge
Source: CNET

But only for a couple of days

PlayStation 4 won’t get full PSN features in Europe and Australia

playstation4-press-console-controller-camThe highly successful PlayStation 4 has been perhaps too successful, to the point where us Americans have had to deal with PSN load issues. We’re coming closer to the PS4 launch date in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and to try and help combat these outages, Sony will be shutting off a few PSN features in these countries. Specifically, the features being disabled are the social aspects in What’s New and the Content Information Screen.

These features are only going to be disabled temporarily so as to prevent PSN overloading issues. Once the initial rush is over, the features will be enabled.

Source: PlayStation Blog (EU)
Via: Engadget

Blames new regulatory standards

Apple kills the Mac Pro… in Europe

MacRumors has gotten hold of some unfortunate news for professional Apple users who just happen to live in Europe – it appears that Apple has made the decision to end sales of the Mac Pro in European nations as of March 1st because “these systems are not compliant with Amendment 1 of regulation IEC 60950-1, Second Edition which becomes effective on this date” – or, said another way, because the Mac Pros aren’t up to snuff to the latest regulatory standards in Europe.

Apple has long been expected to update their much neglected Mac Pro line sometime in 2013 after a note from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated that an update would indeed be coming this year. The end of Mac Pro sales in Europe does not necessarily exclude the possibility that these updated Mac Pro systems could be sold in Europe, but it would clearly demand significant changes in order for that to happen.

Via: MacRumors