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Company removing messaging from Facebook app

Facebook is going to make you download Messenger on your phone


If you’re like me and have held out on downloading Messenger for your smartphone considering that messaging functionality built into Facebook’s main app is more than “good enough”, prepare for a bit of a downer. Facebook has just announced that, in the coming weeks, they will be removing the messaging functionality from their primary Facebook application on numerous mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.

A Facebook spokesperson told Recode, “We’ve found that people get replies 20 percent faster on Messenger than on Facebook,” and wants to push those who rely on Facebook’s messaging service over to what they consider to be a better experience. This also means that Facebook will likely have no just one, but two main spots on your smartphone’s home screen – one app to check out your News Feed, and one to cut with your friends.

The changes should be rolling out to users in both Europe and the United States within just a couple of weeks. No word yet on whether or not this will effect users of Facebook’s “Paper” mobile application on iOS, which also contains both the News Feed and messaging. However we have contacted Facebook for more information and will report back as soon as we know more.

Source: Recode

Facebook Messenger goes iOS 7

Facebook launches redesigned Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android

facebook_messenger_android_2Facebook has just launched an all new, totally redesigned version of their Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android client, bringing Facebook’s standalone messaging service and competitor to iMessage and Hangouts to the era of flat design with a whole new user interface that picks up and runs with Apple’s iOS 7 design paradigm – even on Android. That’s right, both Facebook Messenger for iOS and for Android feature the same UI designed for iOS 7, and I’ve got to admit – it looks right at home on Android, judging by some images of the app simulated running on an HTC One that the company posted today, which you can see above.

On top of the totally renewed user interface, Facebook says that their new Messenger app comes as something of a relaunch of the company’s mobile messaging efforts. Facebook says that they’ve totally rewritten the application on Android to be more native to that platform, though that comes at the price of at least one pretty big advantage Facebook Messenger for Android had over iOS – the ability to use the app to send SMS messages. Officially, Facebook told The Verge that the feature was removed due to the relative unpopularity of that particular feature, however I can’t see how it would have been hurting anyone to leave it there for those who did use it.

Other than that, the new and somewhat improved Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store in beta to a limited number of users starting today. If you’re lucky enough to get an invite, might be worth giving that new UI a try if you find yourself chatting on Facebook fairly often.

Update 10/29/13 @ 1:43 PM EST: We had originally incorrectly reported that today’s new Facebook Messenger was available immediately to all users starting today, however we have confirmed that this is not the case. Please excuse us for this inconvenience!

Source: The Verge

Developer Adam Bell reveals his new tweak

New jailbreak tweak brings Chat Heads to iOS the way Facebook intended

chatheads-live-picWhen Facebook finally revealed Facebook Home, their take on how people should use smartphones, people were understandably excited. A smartphone experience based around people instead of apps sounded like a logical next step – and if there’s any company in the business that’s going above and beyond to try to get people to stay connected, it’s Facebook. The real show stopper wasn’t Home itself, however; it was a reworking of Facebook’s long standing Messenger application and how it could be used in tandem with other applications. The change allowed users to immediately reply to messages no matter where they are on their smartphone, represented by the users’ profile pictures overlapping running applications, Chat Heads is the mobile messaging client we have all been waiting for.

The problem? When the feature finally made its way to iOS last week, it ended up being horribly gimped by Apple’s sometimes frustrating sandboxing restrictions. Chat Heads on iOS is stuck inside the dull little Facebook app, severely limiting its functionality and usefulness when compared to the Android version. But thanks to the ingenuity of one software developer, all of that is about to change.

Meet Adam Bell, a longtime developer who has developed for the mobile phone giants such as iOS, Android, Windows 8, and webOS. As a developer, Adam finds security in the fact that development can be “a business venture while making it fun at the same time.” Finding that his own personal goal is to create “the best possible” applications, he has created many beautiful and well known applications featured on both the App Store as well as Cydia, including Reprise (of which I am personally a user of), Crest (a beautiful and unique Twitter client), Stride (which allows users to draw their own lockscreen passcodes), and Cascade, a tweak that allows for a more powerful iOS dock.

Adam was longing for the feature rich Chat Heads implementation Facebook had managed on Android; or, as he puts it, “As soon as I saw Chat Heads on Android only, I got jealous.” Once it became clear that such an implementation would be impossible without Apple’s (unlikely) blessing however, he decided to take matters into his own hands. And thus a new jailbreak tweak was born – one that implements the existing Facebook app’s Chat Heads feature throughout iOS, sandboxing restrictions be damned. “I decided to just do that, take it out, it’s a wonderful experience,” he recalls.

The tweak isn’t ready for primetime yet; it’s still in active development. But when it does launch on Cydia – for free, at that – Adam has high hopes that people will share his excitement, saying “being able to talk to people, without leaving the apps you’re in, that’s cool.” Though Adam doesn’t exactly buy into Facebook’s vision of people before apps, believing that “you don’t buy a phone to meet people and focus on your friends”, he does feel that Facebook is “pushing the bar higher”, and is on the brink of “what could be something super awesome”.

Well that took a while

Android users finally get Facebook Messenger free VoIP capabilities

Facebook-Messenger-AndroidIt seemed like forever ago that Facebook launched its update to Facebook Messenger which brought free VoIP capabilities between two Facebook Messenger users. The update was first released for iOS users in January, however Facebook is today bringing the service to users of that other mobile platform, Android, starting today. The service uses your cellular service’s data plan to make calls, meaning you won’t be using up any potentially precious minutes that you may (or may not) have. It also uses a connected Wi-Fi network, of course.

Facebook has been growing more and more vested in both the mobile space as well as Android. The company most notably released their Facebook Home launch screen for numerous Android smartphones the other week.

Via: The Verge

Facebook Home or not, you're getting this

Facebook updates Facebook Messenger for Android with “Chat Heads”

Facebook-Messenger-AndroidWhen Facebook announced Facebook Home the other day, we all laughed at the odd name they had given their Facebook Messenger integration, which allows messages to be read and responded to from within any app – called “Chat Heads”. It’s certainly a useful feature with a somewhat odd name, but what wasn’t clear at the time was whether or not Facebook Home would be a requirement to use Chat Heads. Facebook has answered that today with their latest Facebook Messenger for Android update, which brings “Chat Heads” to every Android phone compatible with Messenger.

From what I’ve seen of Facebook’s implementation, this looks to be a slick way to interact with messages without interrupting whatever you’re currently doing or trying to accomplish. Other Messaging applications, including Apple with iMessage (goodness knows it needs a little TLC lately), would be wise to keep a close eye at what Facebook is doing in this space.

Source: Google Play

All you need is an Android device and some real life friends

You no longer need a Facebook to use Facebook Messenger

The text message celebrated its 20th birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, text messages! Now die. SMS text messaging is an old, limited, outdated service that needs to die as soon as possible. Some think iMessage is destined to replace it, a thought that would be much more probable if Apple would just open up the service to third party clients and devices. Facebook, however, is vying to not only supplement the text message with their longstanding Facebook Messenger application, now they’re trying to replace it.

Facebook has just updated their Facebook Messenger for Android application and removed the requirement that you need to actually have a Facebook to use the service. All you need is an Android device and some real life friends to message. It’s that easy.

No word yet on when (or if) this feature will make its way to iOS devices, but Facebook has confirmed that the service is coming to Android users in India, Australia, Indonesia, Venezuela, and South Africa first, and then “quickly” make their way to users in other nations later on.

Source: The Verge