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With cool new features

Nokia’s Black update begins worldwide rollout

nokiablackFrom the lowly Lumia 52x to the Lumia 1020, all of Nokia’s Windows Phone range will get Nokia Black starting today for the Lumia 1020 and 925 and for the other devices in the coming weeks.

The Black update brings along a new Glance screen, support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE and the Nokia Camera app, although some editing features are limited to 1GB devices and only the 1020 will be allowed to save images in RAW format. Nokia Beamer will also be brought along for the ride for 1GB devices only, and Storyteller is also coming. And then there’s a feature which I certainly didn’t expect – app folders. The Black update gives you the ability to put various apps into folders, much like iOS. This feature appears to be Nokia-specific, so don’t expect it on your HTC 8X or ATIV S.

Source: Nokia
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From the Microsoft Store

You can pre-order a Windows Phablet today

nokia-lumia-1520-1Are you interested in Nokia’s 6″ monster? Microsoft’s store has got the Lumia 1520 up for pre-order right now.

The Lumia 1520 is going to set you back $200 down on a two-year contract if you buy it through either Microsoft’s Store or through AT&T. Buying through Microsoft lets you get it off-contract if that’s your thing, in which case it costs $549. You can get it in black, white or red with the yellow option seemingly yet another AT&T exclusive.

You’ll also get some extra goodies if you pre-order: Microsoft will give you $70 worth of app vouchers and a copy of Halo: Spartan Assault and AT&T will give you $20 of app vouchers, 50GB of cloud storage and that same copy of Halo. People who pre-order also get a free cover with their Lumia.

Source: Microsoft Store, AT&T
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Yeah, it's nice

First Look: Windows Phone 8 GDR3

wp_ss_20131014_0012eWe’ve seen Windows Phone 8 GDR3 already through low-res pictures or highly JPEG compressed pictures. Since Microsoft is letting third parties in on GDR3, here’s a proper first look at what’s coming to the table. One thing to note is that this is an incomplete first look. The Lumia 1520 with its 1080p screen isn’t out yet, so I can’t judge how well the new three-column Start Screen works and there are no Windows Phones out there with Qualcomm’s quad-core CPU at this time so I can’t judge performance. Not even Nokia’s Bittersweet Shimmer update is out yet so I can’t even take a look at that. What I can look at is what’s been given to me from the halls of Redmond. So let’s get started after the break.

Through the previously mentioned developer preview program

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 now available to download

wp_ss_20131014_0001As mentioned before, Microsoft is opening the gates on Windows Phone to let third party developers and enthusiasts gain access to the next version of Windows Phone before everyone else gets it, similar to how their current Windows beta programs work. The app you need to install to gain access to future versions of Windows Phone has just gone live on the Windows Store and again, you must have a Windows Phone Store developer subscription or a developer unlock on your phone to use it. The app simply changes a few flags and it lets you download and install GDR3 through the regular phone update control panel as seen above.

GDR3 brings along a rotation lock and some multitasking improvements among other things. I’m currently installing GDR3 on my Lumia and will report back any findings if they’re significant enough. One thing to note is that if you do install this on your own phone, you’ll probably void your warranty and there is no downgrade path back to GDR2.

Source: Windows Phone Marketplace
Via: The Verge

Through the Windows Phone Developer Preview Program

Microsoft finally allows developers to have Windows Phone pre-releases

windows phone 8 lumiaTrying to keep up with more successful mobile platforms, Microsoft has finally relented and for the first time will be letting third-party developers access to pre-release builds of Windows Phone through a new program called the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program.

Getting access to these pre-release builds is very easy. Starting later today, all you have to do to gain access to the pre-release builds is either be a registered Windows Phone developer or have your phone developer unlocked, the latter of which Microsoft is letting people do for free (or they were when I unlocked my phone a while back). One important note is that if you do decide to be adventurous and install these pre-release builds, there is no path back to something stable.

Source: Windows Blog

Microsoft will probably pull the auction

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 is now on eBay

lumia920_developer_editingWindows Phone 8 GDR3 has been leaking out in the form of pictures most recently but now could be your chance to buy a Lumia with it pre-installed.

This “Developer Edition” Lumia 920 comes pre-installed with a pre-release build of Windows Phone 8 GDR3 and Nokia Sunset Bittersweet Shimmer of which pictures have been making the rounds. Features in GDR3 include a driving mode, a way to kill apps, screen rotation locking, Bluetooth tweaks and 1080p support for that new Lumia 1520. It’s expected to ship in November, so once again, this Lumia 920 comes pre-installed with a pre-release build of GDR3.

As of this writing, the auction has not been taken down by either Microsoft or Nokia and is currently sitting at $340 USD with two days and 10 hours to go.

Source: eBay
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I'm still waiting for GDR2

Windows Phone GDR3 in testing

lumia920press-yellowWhile Windows Phone 8 GDR2 is slowly rolling out to devices, Microsoft has been working on another GDR update to their Windows Phone 8 platform. Some features of GDR3 include changes to the iconic Live Tiles and other UI bits, an in-car driving mode and a rotation lock for those new 5- and 6-inch Windows Phones. The update will ship with brand-new Windows Phones first and will likely be rolled out to existing devices after that.

The UI updates sound like they’ll be minor, as Microsoft is trying to keep the UI looking crisp and clean on the new 1080p handsets that are supposed to be coming out soon. Another nice feature that may or may not make it in time for GDR3 is the ability to view your text messages on your PC and on the Internet. An important thing to note is that this is not Windows Phone 8.1; that’s coming in early 2014.

Now, if only GDR2 would get here on my Lumia 521…

Source: The Verge