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Google’s bringing SMS notifications from iPhone to Glass


iPhone users, time to dust off that Google Glass – it’s about to get just that much more useful. Given all its strengths, Glass’s support for iOS users has always been just a little bit – erm – subpar when compared to what Android users get (and that’s not entirely a fault of Google, I’m sure), but today Google is announcing a change that should make a world or two of difference – support for pushing text notifications from a user’s iPhone to Google Glass.

To enable the feature, you’ll need to update to a new version of Glass that’s slated to arrive later this week, and then turn the “Show Notifications” functionality on under Bluetooth settings for your Glass. It’s a simple little change that makes Glass feel just that much more connected to your mobile device – and notification pushing has always been one of the things Glass is best suited for.

Google is also upgrading Calendar support on Glass, bringing a new “Calendar Glassware” option that allows users to “change the title, time, location, and RSVP” of a calendar card, straight from Glass and using your voice. A small change, sure, but a welcome one for those of us who want to have everything neat and tidy.

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Putting it up for sale

Want a Google Glass? April 15th is your chance.

google glass

Pumped to get your hands on a Google Glass handset, but haven’t had much luck getting your name in as a registered Google Glass Explorer for a prototype unit? Well, April 15th will be a very important day for you then – starting at 9 AM EST (6 AM PST) on the 15th, Google will offer their prototype units up for sale to the general public “until supplies last” for its regular price of $1,500.

Of course, Google won’t have an unlimited stock pile here, so if you’ll want one you’ll probably have to set an alarm and get in early to really have a chance. But now you, dear reader, are informed – and because you’re informed, you can get Glass. Or save the $1,500 and don’t. Your choice.

Source: Google (Google+)

A big win for Google

Google announces Google Glass partnership with Ray-Ban


Google has just announced on the official Google Glass Google+ profile some huge news – namely, a big partnership with Luxottica, the company behind the insanely popular Ray-Ban brand of glasses frames. According to the announcement, Luxottica will be involved with the initiative to “design, develop, and distribute” frames under the Ray-Ban and Oakley brands that are compatible with Google Glass.

Google announced a new lineup of glasses frames with Glass support not too terribly long ago, but Luxottica and Ray-Ban lend a name perhaps large enough to really affect customer approval of Glass. Google Glass has been in the headlines a bit more than usual as of late, likely due to both the increasing popularity of wearable technology as well as the introduction of Google’s Android Wear smartwatch platform.

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But you still shouldn't sell it

Google will no longer deactivate your sold Google Glass


For the longest time, Google Glass Explorers had an interesting dilemma they had to work through – even if they no longer wanted their prized Google Class HUD device, as per Google’s ToS, Google had the right – and actively did – disable and deactivate your Google Glass upon finding that it’s been sold. That made a resale Google Glass market (mostly) impossible, likely due to the fact that the devices currently floating around out there aren’t strictly meant for anyone other than more or less Google-approved beta testers.

Now, however, thanks to a change in policy Google promises that they will no longer deactivate Google Glass units that they find have been resold, effectively ending any restrictions on a Glass-early adopter driven aftermarket. However, Google notes that they will continue to officially stand by their stance that reselling your Google Glass Explorer Edition is against the ToS you agreed to when you purchased the device, so keep that in mind.

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HDR shots and captions come to Google Glass

Google rolls out update to Google Glass software, improves camera performance

with new software2

One of those lucky few currently rocking a Google Glass? Well then there’s good news; Google has just rolled out their second of hopefully many monthly software updates to the hardware, bringing in improved camera performance including support for HDR shots, better low light support, and photo caption support. While Google Glass has been said to be one of the handiest and most practical cameras on the market right now, but a common refrain has been that the camera has been somewhat… subpar, so hopefully this cleans that up. The example shots seem pretty promising, so be sure to apply the update if this sounds good.

Source: Google Glass (Google+)

Still invite only, but now developers need not apply

Google rolling out Google Glass Explorer Edition invites to consumers

google glass

Google has just announced on their official Google Glass page on Google+ that the company will now begin expanding their Google Glass Explorer Edition (essentially the first run edition of Google Glass devices sans eye glasses support) to those who have requested early access who also happen to not be developers. According to Google, all developers should now have the ability to purchase to their Google Glass device, so they seem read to expand to the rest of us mere mortals.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to apply for an Explorer Edition Glass at this point – applications closed months ago. That said, Google Glass should be available at retail by the end of the year, so you probably won’t have that long to wait either way.

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Meet the team: Google Glass easter egg reveals the men and women behind Glass


Got your first run Google Glass device? Well, you lucky duck, go and check this little easter egg out – a Google Glass developer by the name of Jay Lee has apparently found a little easter egg in the Glass Companion app that showcases the team behind the iconic Google Glass product. If you’ve got Glass handy, go ahead and open up the app, navigate to Settings -> Device Info -> View Licenses, and then tap the touchpad nine times.

You should then see a lovely panorama of the Google Glass team pop up, complete with Sergey Brin happily smiling (well, smirking) back at you in the middle of the shot. We have no idea how Mr. Lee stumbled upon this little surprise or what he was doing taping the touchpad repeatedly on the Licenses page, but congratulations good sir; you have discovered the hidden message.

Source: Jay Lee (Google+)

Later versions will provide additional support

First Google Glass version won’t support prescription glasses

A mix of good news and bad news from Google today. The company has just announced that their upcoming Google Glass project, which Google hopes will bring wearable computing into the mainstream with an interesting mix of sophisticated voice recognition software and an actually semi-normal looking product will not support prescription glasses when the first released model (dubbed the “Explorer Edition”) drops later this year. Instead, myself and my fellow bespectacled friends and family will have to wait until later editions of the product to get in on the fun.

To help ease your pain, Google has just released a promo shot of Google Glass project member Greg Priest-Dorman wearing a prototype Google Glass with prescription glasses support, as though to say “see! We really are working on it!” I somehow doubt this photo will help ease the feeling of disappointment and neglect you must be feeling right now, but as they say – patience is a virtue. Or so I’ve heard.

Google Glass will be released later this year for what Google claims will be under $1,500.

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A Google Glass airport is the world's first amazing airport

JetBlue’s Google Glass concept excites

Excitement for the Google Glass has definitely been growing over recent days and weeks as the product grows closer and closer to a retail release, and one of America’s favorite airlines JetBlue has decided to throw fuel on the flames with their amazing concept images of how we could soon be using Google Glass to interact with your average airport terminal.

JetBlue’s concept show using Google Glass to find outlets within a crowded room while waiting for your flight, precise directions to baggage claim (which I’m willing to bet that frequent travelers to new destinations would absolutely love), estimations for taxi cabs, and more. Though these are quite obviously just mockups and concepts at the moment, it does display that developers are starting to seriously consider uses for Google Glass that would genuinely change how we would interact both with technology and out environment.

Source: JetBlue (Google+)