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What to realistically expect at WWDC 2015 tomorrow

WWDC-2015-invitationI’m a procrastinator. I have a tendency to wait until the very last minute to do anything, including publish these sort of What to Realistically Expect stories. Finally, my infliction has paid off – if I had written this even just last week, I would have jotted down new Apple TV hardware and software as a stone cold sure thing. Yet according to the ever reliable Brian X. Chen, Apple threw away plans to announce new Apple TV hardware and a cohesive developer ecosystem at WWDC at the very last minute because “the product was not ready for prime time”.

Given that I’m an avid user of the current iteration of Apple TV (I stream all my nightly television from there), I’m bummed to see this cut. I was hoping this would be when the Apple TV truly grew up and became a major player in the Apple line-up. Alas.

Time is short and things run behind schedule, and so it goes. There’s always September.

And in the spirit of that, we’re still on the verge of an entire week’s worth of new Apple products, platforms, and goodies. The Apple TV may not be there, but there’s still plenty left to cover. Here’s what you can realistically expect at WWDC 2015, starting tomorrow, June 8th.

Bringing iOS up to par

Google updates Google Now for iOS with latest Android functionality


Google’s Siri-competitor Google Now has been leagues ahead of Siri for quite some time now on Android devices, and now Google is bringing all of that functionality that iPhone users have been jealous of for quite some time across the aisle and over to the iPhone for all to enjoy. The new update, released today, retains the current style of the Google application, complete with Google’s distinctive and consistent iOS style – so if you’re hoping for an iOS 7-style UI update, you’ll unfortunately walk away disappointed. That’s not to say Google Now looks out of place on iOS 7, however – far from it, it actually remains one of the more beautiful examples of flat design.

But onto what’s actually new and improved, Google’s propped up Google Now for iOS with a couple of neat tricks. First, Google Now can now send you notifications even when you’re not actively using Google Now – handy for the odd reminder on recent appointments or notifications regarding a delayed flight, for example.

Google has also brought new card functionality over to iOS, including boarding passes, Movie, concert, and event ticket support, car reservations, and train ticket reminders. And all of that is almost entirely automated, requiring little to no input from the end user. But perhaps the biggest improvement comes in the form of Now’s hands-free functionality, which was just brought to Android this week with Android 4.4 (and slightly earlier to those with Moto X’s). Essentially, all you’ll need to do now to open Google Now is speak “Okay, Google Now” and no matter where you are in your Google app, Now will open and be ready to respond to your query.

This Google Now for iOS update is available today for the low, low price of free on the App Store. You can get it at the source link below – it’s worth it, trust me.

Source: App Store

Siri or Now?

Google Now for iOS now available

Yes, the rumours were right: Google Now has come to iOS. The Now functionality comes as an update to the Google Search app. The only downside is, it’s not a 1:1 duplicate of the Android version. Google Now for iOS will not include integration with notifications or alerts nor will it include support for all the cards such as events, concerts, boarding passes, etc.

It may be that over time the iOS version grows closer to its Android counterpart. In the meantime, iOS users will have to put up with a slightly less-featured version of Google Now.

Source: Engadget

Wait a hot second

Apple calls Google out, says Google Now hasn’t even been submitted to App Store

applelogoWell, this just took a turn for the weird – just this morning we reported that Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt essentially confirmed that the long expected Google Now for iOS app has been waiting for approval by Apple’s App Store folks, but apparently we shouldn’t believe everything we hear, even if it’s coming from the big guy himself. An Apple representative has confirmed to cnet this morning that Google hasn’t even submitted their Google Now app for approval in the App Store.

This all comes after an apparent video advertising Google Now for iOS leaked onto YouTube just a couple of weeks ago. Google Now is Google’s take on a Siri-style voice assistant, and has been available on Android for about a year now.

Source: cnet

Waiting on Apple's verdict

Eric Schmidt hints Google Now for iOS is stuck in limbo

googlenow-iosA few days ago, we reported on a rumor that Google Now might be coming to iOS and today we more or less have confirmation that it does exist thanks to a little hint by Eric Schmidt.

Although he did not directly mention Google Now, he did mention the fact that “Apple has a policy of approving or disapproving apps that are submitted into its store, and some of the apps we make they approve and some of them they don’t,” which strongly suggest that Google Now for iOS does exist, it has been submitted to the App Store but it has yet to be approved. We’ll see as time goes on what Apple’s final verdict is.

Source: TechCrunch
Via: The Verge

Targeting both iPhone and iPad

Leaked ad confirms that Google Now could be coming to iOS

Earlier today we reported that all signs indicated that Google Now would soon be launching for Windows and ChromeOS, and it appears we can add yet another platform to the list of upcoming platforms that’ll soon be getting Now – iOS. A leaked video that first found its way to YouTube (only to be soon taken down) appears to be an official Google advertisement for Google Now, complete with the same voice actress as Google’s original Google Now advertisement when it launched for Android.

There’s always a chance, of course, that Google at some point cancelled the project, or that Apple could deny it on the grounds that it replicates a build in feature of iOS – Google Now was designed to work similarly to Siri, after all – however given the quality of the advertisement we believe that Google must be fairly confident about the application’s release.

Check out the leaked advertisement of Google Now for iOS after the break.

Via: MacRumors
Source: Engadget

"Windows, how far is the Earth from the Sun?"

Google Now coming to Windows and ChromeOS

Latest builds of Chromium, Google’s open-source sister project to Google Chrome, reveals that the company has been working on bringing their highly praised Google Now feature, which debuted in Android last year in Android 4.1, to both Windows (via Google Chrome) and Google ChromeOS. For those who don’t know, Google Now has thus far been Android’s answer to the iPhone’s “Siri”, an intelligent voice activated feature that performs simple tasks – such as managing appointments, texting, and setting reminders – as well as answers a variety of questions. This will be the first time the feature has landed on another platform.

Interestingly, Apple has also long been rumored to be bringing Siri to OS X with the expected upcoming release of OS X 10.9.

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Chromium CodeReview