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'90s looks, '10s performance

Seagate’s new “Seven” external hard drive is beautiful and I want one


Before I start, let me just say – I want one of these. I want one of these so, so, so bad. Look at it – this is the new Seagate Seven external hard drive, a 500GB disk inside a beautiful, gorgeous, jaw dropping external enclosure complete with USB 3.0 support, all in a package barely any bigger than that iPhone 6 in your hipster brother’s pockets.

Seagate is releasing this bad boy as a celebration of the 35th anniversary of the company’s first mass market 5.25-inch hard disk, which also happened to be the fist of its kind in the world. I’d be willing to bet, though, that people who bought that first hard disk all those years ago weren’t getting 500GB of space, nor a package this small. And they probably would have asked what “USB” was.

The Seagate Seven will be available wherever decent external hard drives are sold by the end of January, and it’ll run you an actually fairly decent $99, and you can pre-order yours now over at Sign me up.

Source: Seagate

The LaCie Sphere

LaCie’s new hard drive would look at home next to a Mac Pro


CES isn’t exactly known for being showcase to the most, erm, “normal” gadgets, and it looks like LaCie is taking advantage of that reputation and running with it. The company has this weekend announced what they’re calling the LaCie Sphere, an hard drive that simply looks weird as heck with its polished silver spherical design.

In fact, one could say that the Sphere is the weirdest looking piece of professional hardware other than perhaps Apple’s new Mac Pro – which itself looks like a cylindrical object of the future. Maybe the two could be best friends, hanging out next to each other on a desk for years, soliciting ooh’s and aah’s and strange looks by all your coworkers.

The LaCie Sphere launches this April for a hefty price of $490 considering it gets you only 1TB of space. It plugs into your device using a single USB 3.0 cable, which is nice (and fast), but nothing too impressive, especially considering the asking price.

Meanwhile, LaCie is also giving Thunderbolt a little love with the new second generation Little Big Disk external hard drive. Though details of that drive are light, LaCie is promising that will give you an external hard drive with a maximum transfer speed of 1,375 MB/s, up from 635 MB/s, thanks to the new Thunderbolt 2 protocol found on the Mac Pro. Yeah, forget the Sphere, Mac Pro owners – maybe this is the drive you’re looking for.

Source: LaCie