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It's no flagship

HTC preparing to launch new budget smartphone at CES 2015

HTC is preparing to launch a new budget smartphone at CES next week, according to today’s rumor mill. The new smartphone, which will launch with HTC’s existing “Desire” branding, is said to be codenamed “HTC A52” and will ship with a 13MP “selfie” front facing camera in numerous colorful configurations, including “navy blue/vivid blue, taupe purple/tangerine tango, terra white/almond, terra white/tangerine tango” according to @Upleaks.

The company has begun teasing the launch of their new budget smartphone on their official Weibo account, posting the above teaser image reading, “Always Desire more.” I’ll just continue reading into that as I will – to keep looking forward to the company’s true third-generation HTC One flagship device.

Via: 9to5Google
Source: @Upleaks (Twitter) / HTC (Weibo)

Whoops: one-line wipe attack affects other Android devices as well

Yesterday the internet was all about the report that certain model Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy S III, were prone to being wiped with the execution of just one line of code in the browser, which was bad enough – but today things got even worse when people discovered that the exploit actually affects other Android devices as well, including HTC’s high end One X device and the slightly older HTC Desire.

Worst yet, it’s not only OEM Android compiles that are prone to this – a Motorola Defy running CyanogenMod has also been shown to be affected to the very same bug. And these are just the devices people have been brave enough to try it on – imagine how many others out of the thousands of existing Android devices are affected by the very same issue, most of which will never see an update to fix the issue?

With reports that the exploit has been linked to a flaw in Android’s built in Phone app, Google could have a very, very large issue on their hands.

Via: The Verge